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Youngest 10 Billionaires in The World

In the last years, many billionaires appeared on stage. In this article, we will show 10 youngest billionaires of them who affect the world economy.

Youngest 10 Billionaires in The World

Alexandra Andresen(22 years) she was born in 1996, she inherited 42% of the family-owned investment company Ferd. She is the daughter of Norwegian industrialist Johan H. Andresen, Jr., owner of Ferd AS. Real-time worth net of her is $1.5B.

Katharina Andresen(23 years)  she was born in 1995, she is a sister of Alexandra Andresen. she inherited 42% of the family-owned investment company Ferd as her sister. their company Ferd runs hedge funds is an active investor on the Nordic stock exchange and has private equity investments. Real-time worth net of her is $1.5B.

Gustav Magnar Witzoe(25 years) Real-time worth net $3.1B.he owns nearly half of Salmar ASA, one of the world’s largest salmon producers. Salmar has led the industrialization of fish farming in Norway, refining the product into more sophisticated cuts with higher margins.

Evan Spiegel(28 years) he is Snapchat creator which began trading in March 2017. Each day some 191 million people use Snapchat to send disappearing messages; the app faces growing competition from Facebook-owned Instagram. Real-time worth net of him is $1.5B.

Ludwig Theodor Braun(28 years) owns 10% of the medical device company B. Braun Melsungen, which began in 1839 as a small pharmacy that sold herbal remedies. B. Braun manufactures products ranging from infusion and injection solutions to surgical instruments. Real-time worth net of him is $1.4B.

John Collison(28 years)  is co-founder and president of Stripe, the company that lets businesses and individuals easily accept payments over the internet. he is an Irish entrepreneur. In November 2016 Stripe closed a $150 million funding round that valued the business at $9.2 billion.

Patrick Collison(30 years) he is the brother of  John Collison. He and his brother John hatched the idea for Stripe while both were in college in Boston. Real-time worth net of him is $1 B.

Bobby Murphy(30 years) cofounded social media app Snapchat. Snapchat lets users share disappearing messages or photos and videos with captions, masks, and filters. Snap launched video-capturing sunglasses called Spectacles in 2016. After initial buzz, the product failed to take off. Real-time worth net of him is $1.5 B.

Wang Han(30 years) Wang Han inherited wealth from the shares he holds in Juneyao Air, a major airline company based in Shanghai. He inherited the shares from his deceased father who founded Juneyao Group which also has business involvement in retailing, education, and food.  Real-time worth net of him is $1.2B.

Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke (31 years) Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke own 12% of B. Braun Melsungen. The company manufactures injection solutions and surgical instruments. It had over $7.9 billion in sales for 2017. Real-time worth net of him is $2B.

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