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Why Customer Service Is The New Marketing

Customer service is the new marketing” This is a simple philosophy that reflects many business success stories, their owners credit the success of their business to great customer service. With the rise of digital platforms, consumers are able to voice their opinions about the product or service quickly, easily and very publicly.  

The negative review from dissatisfied client or vocal customers because of bad experience can cost a multiple of the amount of money they’ve spent with you in every investment and effort in advertising and marketing, and positive review, good customer experience and Proper handling of complaints and dissatisfied customers is the most powerful marketing weapon and the best foundation for a strong brand, the largest customer base, good image, continuous success, and great reputation.

You may not need any marketing for your business and just rely on customers coming to you by word-of-mouth and referrals from satisfied and loyal customers. because customer service reflects a great reputation for what you offer them, brings in more revenue, more talented employees, and more word-of-mouth marketing that makes companies stand out from the rest to become loyal favourites.

Reasons Why Customer Service Is the New Marketing

1. Increases the value of your business

You can add value to a product, service, brand and company image by improving customer service, it improves customers experience, making them feel valued and therefore more likely to become a repeat customer and increasing wealth.  People are predominantly emotional. they are greatly impacted by the warmth, friendliness, cheerfulness, and helpfulness of customer service representatives. Many companies are using customer service as a primary source of competitive advantage in a fast-changing marketplace.

on the other hand, Your perceived value offering is key when trying to convince additional investors to trust you. Before granting you some more funding, people interested in your business are going to evaluate you based on your revenue, the number of customers you have, the average spend per order, the customer retention rate, as well as your online reputation and customer satisfaction through rating sites, forums, etc.

2. Developing a competitive advantage

competition is more fierce than ever before. companies are looking to one-up their competition is by highlighting their excellent customer service. By building high levels of customer satisfaction, creates a significant competitive advantage. High-quality customer service is a key way in which a business can differentiate itself from another. to provide the best customer service by developing the best-trained and motivated employees and professionals within an environment where the top large companies and brands compete for market share, Identify competitor weaknesses and put an emphasis on thriving in these areas, Worrying about new customers is fine, keeping your existing customers around that keeps the lights on and Being aware of all problems related to business and work to resolve them quickly, effectively and satisfactorily for customers.

3. The customer is more important than the company

Customers are the backbone of the business because without them the business would have no purpose. The revenue that any company brings in is come from their customers and down to their customers again, if a business has good customer service then they are more likely to retain customers and keep a steady income into the business.

if you want great customer service, you need to make this value choice up-front and decide that your customer’s happiness and satisfaction is your top priority, above company profitability, then make sure that everyone in the company knows this and acts upon it.

4. Customer service is affordable.

Customers do not care about your Headquarters place in major cities or shiny and luxury offices, or the spread of your advertising in all the places where they happen to be, but in the long term insight they have cared about the quality of your product or service which is you offered, the continuous communication with them, the quick response to their problems ,treating your customers respectfully, following up on feedback, handling complaints and returns gracefully, understanding your customers’ needs and wants, exceeding customer expectations and going out of your way to help them. If you think creatively, there are plenty of tactics to keep costs low while maintaining high-standard customer service.

The budget for advertising and marketing can also be reduced in exchange for more invest effort and time in customer service, which is an alternative marketing process, but it is effective and highly efficient.

5. Customer service is a profit centre

Customer support Is the new sales opportunity. The customer service in many companies speaks to a given customer more frequently than the sales rep. This communication comes at an extremely important stage when it is engaged with the customer’s satisfaction.

If the customer service group simply follows a good strategy, it’s missing the opportunity to convert a potential customer loss to an upsell and Increasing number of customers, sales, profits, and revenue.

Even when a customer isn’t facing a crisis, customer service reps make extremely effective spies: Customers happily confide in them, as sales-driven pushiness doesn’t scare off openness. On every call and email, reps should gather information to fuel an upsell cycle, even if somebody else completes the cycle.

6. Easy to hire customer service staff.

Hiring a member of customer service staff is easy because of previous experience does not always matter. Usually, the job cycle for this position is short and variable and the technical experience may gain easily over time But the most complex and difficult part boils down to a certain personality type that’s elusive. and ensure matching of practical experience and technical knowledge with the core needs of new hires personalities. so many managers have a free-form interview and rely on their instinct and insight.

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