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What Makes Customers Loyal to a Brand

 According to recent research about customers loyal that shows; 94% of respondents say they are loyal to a brand if it has consistently good customer service; 77% say they are loyal if a brand is convenient to buy from or engage with. Only 57% of consumers say lower prices is a major reason they are loyal to brands.

what makes customers loyal

 All-in-all, there are many reasons why consumers choose to buy and what motivates them to be loyal to one brand over another. these some of them:

1- Customer Service

customer service is the most important thing that helps to build customer loyalty. It is the ultimate form of support. It reinforces consumers purchases and puts a face to the purchase. This type of service allows consumers to have a personal connection with those trusted partners in your network that keep the consumer coming back and recommending future consumers to purchase.

2- Value

What’s the benefit to the customers of your product or service? Is it important to them, useful, solve a problem, fill a need, or provide entertainment? those questions help to build customer loyalty. Ask yourself and your customers how does the value or benefit provided compare to your competition?

3- Quality

Quality is closely tied to value. How do your customers perceive your product or service? Are you meeting customer’s expectations or, even better, are you exceeding them? Luxury brand or not, your product or service needs to meet basic criteria. It needs to solve the problem: the place to stay, fun experience, or satisfy a want.

4- Nostalgia

If your product or service taps into fond memories from a consumer’s past, there’s a good chance they will buy again and often be loyal to your brand over your competitors. For example, places they grew up going to may hold a special meaning to them and they will want to continue the tradition with their family. And if the experience and quality still hold up to their expectations, you’ve got a real winner in terms of continued loyalty to your brand.

5- Trust

  Become the expert in your field, and your target audience will trust your opinion. you should put the best ingredients into your products, and that you’ll do what you say they’ll do. Your spokesperson doesn’t have to be the founder.

6- Experience

The reason we as consumers continue to buy or don’t buy from a particular company is because of the experience. We remember both the good and bad experiences we’ve had during the buying process or while using the product or service. This plays a big part in whether or not we decide to purchase again from this company. Like first impressions, changing someone’s mind after a bad experience is hard but not impossible.

7- Convenience

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. A lot of times we buy things or go places because it’s simply the easier choice. Often times what makes customers loyal is that you’ve removed the headache of shopping around. Whether it’s buying online or going right around the corner, we often choose the most convenient option. We’ll do this even if it means spending a little more. In other words, sometimes convenience can trump price. If the price difference is worth the ease of buying or time saved, we consider it money well spent.

8- Social media

Social media is vital for customer service today. While many people won’t go to the effort to write a letter of complaint, email and social media platforms have made the process of interacting with businesses more accessible.
In fact, it’s not just about complaints, social can also mean you’re always available to help out your customers.

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