What Is The Difference Between Entrepreneurship And Business

entrepreneurship and business

Definition Of Entrepreneurship:

The person who starts a business or who creates a small business on his own initiative is known as an entrepreneur. In times of crisis, entrepreneurship usually represents a way out (or, at least, a possibility of growth) for people who are unemployed.

Experts argue that entrepreneurs must have certain capacities to be successful: flexibility, dynamism, creativity, drive, etc. These are necessary values ​​since businesses face all kinds of difficulties and those who promote them must be in a position to adapt to a changing reality. It should be mentioned that teamwork is usually the best way to promote a project since it enhances the virtues of each member.

Definition Of Business:

The word business traces its etymology to the Latin voices NEC and otium, that is, a denial of leisure; In fact, for ancient Rome, an idle activity was one that was carried out without a view of benefit and that was carried out in the time considered free.

The first point to consider when setting up a certain business is the observation of the needs and problems that society may have. A profitable business with a future projection can only exist if it is based on solving problems through the sale of goods or services. At this point, it is important to carry out a demand analysis, that is, to evaluate if there is a target group of individuals willing to spend money for the solution we are offering.

The Main Focus For An Entrepreneur:

The main objective of the entrepreneur is to keep the business healthy, that is, to make enough money and keep costs in order. Nothing wrong with that.

The entrepreneur also has this concern, but his main focus is to realize the vision he has for the business. This requires the ability to innovate, guide people, and lead them to realize that vision to the best of their ability.

The vision of the entrepreneur is sometimes limited to what is done at the moment and how much it generates in financial value at the end of the month.

The entrepreneur understands that customer satisfaction, brand positioning, and the quality of the product itself are just as important as monthly income.

Therefore, he works with an eagle vision of the company and does not miss the opportunity to explore new horizons when the opportunity arises.


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