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What is Information Security

Information security often referred to as (InfoSec)  refers to the processes and tools, that designed and deployed to protect sensitive business information from modification, disruption, destruction, and inspection.

information security handles risk management. Anything can act as a risk or a threat to the CIA triad. Sensitive information must be kept, it cannot be changed, altered or transferred without permission. For example, a message could be modified during transmission by someone intercepting it before it reaches the intended recipient. So, good cryptography tools can help mitigate this security threat.

In fact, the digital signature can improve information security by enhancing authenticity processes and prompting individuals to prove their identity before they can gain access to computer data.

Information security management system (ISMS) 

An ISMS is a set of guidelines and processes created to help organizations in a data breach. By having a formal set of guidelines, businesses can minimize risk and can ensure work continuity in case of a staff change. ISO 27001 is a well-known specification for a company ISMS.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In 2016, the European Parliament and Council agreed on the General Data Protection Regulation. In the spring of 2018, the GDPR began requiring companies to:

  • require user consent for data processing.
  • provide data breach notifications.
  • appoint a data-protection officer.
  •  anonymize data for privacy.

Indeed, information security is more than a single discipline. It ranges from technical configurations to legal and policy work. Let’s know Types of information security

Types of information security “InfoSec”

1- Application security

Application security covers software vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications and application programming interfaces (APIs). These vulnerabilities may be found in authentication or authorization of users, the integrity of code and configurations, and mature policies and procedures. Application vulnerabilities can create entry points for significant InfoSec breaches. Application security is an important part of the defined role for InfoSec.

2- Cloud security

It focuses on building and hosting secure applications in cloud environments and securely consuming third-party cloud applications. “Cloud” simply means that the application is running in a shared environment. Businesses must make sure that there is adequate isolation between different processes in shared environments.

3- Infrastructure security

Infrastructure security deals with the protection of internal and extranet networks, labs, data centers, servers, desktops, and mobile devices.

4- Cryptography

Encrypting data in transit and data at rest helps ensure data confidentiality and integrity. Digital signatures are commonly used in cryptography to validate the authenticity of data. Cryptography and encryption have become increasingly important. A good example of cryptography use is the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), that is a symmetric key algorithm used to protect classified government information.

5- Sensitivity management

Sensitivity management is the process of scanning an environment for weak points (such as unpatched software) and prioritizing remediation based on risk.

In many networks, businesses are constantly adding applications, users, infrastructure, and so on. For this reason, it is important to constantly scan the network for potential vulnerabilities. Finding a vulnerability in advance can save your businesses the catastrophic costs of a breach.

6- Incident response

Incident response is the function that monitors for and investigates potentially malicious behavior. In preparation for breaches, IT staff should have an incident response plan for containing the threat and restoring the network. In addition, the plan should create a system to preserve evidence for forensic analysis and potential prosecution. This data can help prevent further breaches and help staff discover the attacker.

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