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What is Entertainment Marketing

   Recently, studies show that 50% of an audience will recall a product if it’s in a scene. More than 70% will remember a product if it’s used by a character. That number jumps to 80% if the product relates directly to the plot. this exactly what is called entertainment marketing.

 As more and more people use ad blocking services, stream from digital outlets which have no commercials, and do everything they can to avoid or completely tune out ads, entertainment marketing has become the most organic and effective way to reach consumers.

What is Entertainment marketing

it is a branch of marketing that uses facets of the entertainment world to promote or sell a brand or product. It works to build mutually beneficial relationships between pop culture and brands. A successful campaign gains exposure for both the brand and its entertainment vehicles, such as a celebrity, character, or movie.

In fact, watching their favorite celebrity sip on your beverage on their favorite TV show, Seeing the lead character in a film where your brand’s clothes, Scrolling through social media to see a celebrity with your gadget. of course, that’s better than a cheesy 30 second TV ad spot any day.

Entertainment marketing

Examples of Entertainment in Marketing

1- Product Placement

product placement involves having a brand identifier, like a logo or specific product, appear in entertainment media. In some cases, products become essential parts of the plot. This is known as brand integration. Characters name specific brands in conversation or need a certain product to advance the story.

2- Celebrity Endorsements

Despite the rise of social influencers, the relationships between traditional celebrities and marketers remain strong. Wanting to mimic their idols, people are likely to buy products promoted by celebrities they know and love. in fact, a lot of brands collaborate directly with celebrities to create an exclusive line of products.

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