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What is Cyberspace

  All of us hear about these concepts; cybersecurity, cybercrime, cyberwar, cyberterrorism, etc.). but, we don’t know that they are based on or derived from, cyberspace. for example, cybersecurity is the security of cyberspace, Cybercrime is a crime committed within cyberspace. so what does cyberspace exactly mean?!


it is a space in which people can communicate with one another, do research, or simply window shop. this includes files, mail messages, graphics, etc.) and different modes of transportation and delivery. exploring cyberspace does not require any physical movement other than pressing keys on a keyboard or moving a mouse.

this concept acts as an interactive and virtual environment for a broad range of participants. it allows users to share information, interact, swap ideas, play games, engage in discussions or social forums, conduct business and create intuitive media, among many other activities. According to many IT specialists and experts, including F. Randall Farmer and Chip Morningstar, this space has gained popularity as a medium for social interaction, rather than its technical execution and implementation

Notes about Cyberspace

  • it includes tangible elements. This would imply that cyberspace can not exist without tangible elements.
  • it must include information. Information can either be stored data, signaling between processes and/or devices or as a content that is being transmitted.
  • it includes tangibles but, at the same time, it is also virtual.
  • it is the set of multi-user virtual environments in which users can be, navigate and talk, and collaboratively create, own and manipulate objects.
  • it is an interconnected computer-mediated environment in which all prior media are represented.


Cyberspace as an Internet metaphor

it is the place where a telephone conversation appears to occur. Not inside your actual phone, the plastic device on your desk. Not inside the other person’s phone. it describes the flow of digital data through the network of interconnected computers. in fact, There have been several attempts to create a concise model about how it works since it is not a physical thing that can be looked at.

cyberspace is the site of computer-mediated communication (CMC), in which online relationships and alternative forms of online identity were enacted, raising important questions about the social psychology of Internet use, the relationship between “online” and “offline” forms of life and interaction, and the relationship between the “real” and the virtual.

Cyberspace draws attention to remediation of culture through new media technologies: it is not just a communication tool but a social destination and is culturally significant in its own right. Finally, it can be seen as providing new opportunities to reshape society and culture through “hidden” identities, or it can be seen as borderless communication and culture.

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