What is Brainstorming And How Is It Helpful

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All the companies in the world focus on one point: the development of brainstorming technology, which means preparing new ideas that help solve problems that companies face or may appear in the future and look for the way they are used to reach these ideas and propose solutions

Brainstorming Technology

Is the method that motivates the exchange of knowledge between teams, so that everyone can finally reach the ideal and reasonable solution to the problems that have been talked about.

The process of exchanging knowledge through brainstorming technology becomes a distinctive method and way that opens the mind of the team members, where all listen to different ideas, to gather more than one idea and information to solve a problem or to improve any possible ideas, because one idea can not generate Significant impact.

The concept of brainstorming is based on the idea of ​​forming a loop of ideas that in turn brings new thoughts out. When a person shares his ideas and thinks with another person, the other members are motivated to share and present their ideas.

This technology makes work more productive and helps workers to do more, making everyone understand what needs to be done, in every project and from the beginning.

The Main Steps to Apply Brainstorming Technology

First, determine the problem

The problem or issue should be carefully defined before thinking about a strategy, and the implementation of brainstorming technology because it is not logical to show any solution without a problem originally generating it

For this reason, identify the problem first, and discuss only one problem at a time, so that all participants have the opportunity to focus on one common goal and one common issue among all participating members.

The second meeting of participants

After identifying the problem, the problem-solving team meets to implement the brainstorming process based on the nature of the solution necessary to the problem.
The meeting may include specialists from different fields and sections of your company, or it may be necessary to invite only one team. It is essential not to skip and neglect the first phase of the problem identification phase.
In addition to the importance of selecting suitable participants for the meeting, it is also important to inform the entire team before the meeting in advance, and this is important for planning, and more research on the subject before the brainstorming method. This makes your meeting much more productive.

Respect for ideas

Consider the importance of brainstorming, which is to avoid intolerance, discrimination or even ridicule of ideas.
All ideas must be respected no matter how different or different from the usual. There is no judgment on the ideas at that meeting, nor even the condemnation of an idea or the shaming of its owner.

Feeling comfortable is important and essential when participating in a brainstorming session where people can break the barrier that hinders them from sharing and presenting their ideas to the public.

Fourth, Evaluation of proposals

At the end of each meeting, all ideas should be analyzed fairly and equally so that all the participants in the meeting are aware of what they must do in order to implement and implement the solution that is reached,
All ideas should be evaluated, understood and understood as the best solution to the problem identified before the brainstorming session.

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