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What is A/B Testing

When you try playing a game with two different ways to see which one will make you win this is simply what is A/B Testing, but in digital marketing, things are quite different.

A/B testing is used to consider how small differences in a marketing campaign might influence customer behaviour. like the text you use or colours of your website and the text for a banner advert.

The main idea of  A/B Testing is to run two variations of the campaign with a specific group of consumers to see which version is better. You can repeat this test several times to improve the effectiveness of your marketing

This test is not very new it belongs to 1908 when William Sealy Gosset made a Z-test to create student’s test, but from the first people who used it from a new time was Google engineers in the year 2000 in an attempt to determine what the optimum number of results to display on its search engine results page would be.

Now, I will tell you why Do You Really Need To Do A/B Testing

The first step involves creating a web site or Email marketing once you got this you need to know if it improves your selling or not. A/B testing makes you realize what words, phrases, images, videos, testimonials, and other elements work best. Even the simplest changes can affect your traffic.

So, let’s see how to Do A/B Testing in 2019 

first of all, you must have a strategy before you start the test, use Google Analytics to track traffic, referral sources, and other valuable information, then run heat maps, scroll maps, and other tests to see how visitors interact with your site, then try two different variations and see which one affect better.

Here is in points how to make the test

-Choose what you want to test
-Set goals
-Analyze data
-Select the page that you’ll test
-Set the elements to A/B test
-Create a variant
-Choose the best A/B testing tools
-Design your test
-Accumulate data
-analyze the test

the Importance of A/B Testing in SEO

Did you know that A/B Testing improves your SEO results? Yes, it does and I will tell you how. Take page load times, for instance, During your A/B test, you check whether changes made to your site have improved how fast your page loads.

A faster site can improve your conversions by 7 percent or more, so it’s well worth the effort to identify and make improvements over time because site speed is one of Google’s top ranking factors.

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