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What are Social Media Detoxification

Do you remember the last time you spend your whole day without logging into any of your social media accounts? I guess you don’t remember because most of us do not miss a day without logging into social media but don’t you think that is some sort of addiction and you need Social media detoxification!.

The technology was invented to help us improve our lives but in the last couple of years, we became too attached to it. You have to realize that social media is not real but it is a photoshop of your life and it is affecting your personal & professional life lately, so you have to think in Social media detoxification to help you get rid of this addiction. 

What is Social Media Detoxification

Social media detoxification is a mental process of social media detox to make your mind get rid of social media addiction specifically referring to a period of time when individuals stay away from social media platforms.

Detox is a term refers to physiological or medical removal of toxic substances from a living organism, but in social media case, we talk about removing poisonous form our minds to have a better life, and in the following, we will discuss the main steps of social media detoxification.

Main Steps of Detoxification


A simple step to do is to set your phone to the silent mode that will keep you away from distractions and unnecessary social media notification, that will help you do your work better and live the present moment and focus on it and the things that distract you will be less.

No Phone in Room

You can do it by training, you have to train your self to enter your room without it especially in bedtime, get your self a book and make a cup of tea and get into the mood so you could have a clear mind to read before sleeping rather than scrolling Facebook and Twitter.

Delete Some Apps

Choose the most important Apps you use and keep them but delete those you don’t use, it is not good to have more than ten social media apps on your phone you will not have a life to live if you didn’t delete the unused Apps, this step is great to be brave and do it now.

A free Phone Hour

Every day choose an hour and prevent your self from using your phone, which will help you remember your designated device-free time. It is good to have a daily hour without your phone or without ane electronic device. Try this step it is very useful to your mental health.

Specific ِِAccess Times

When you master the previous step of a free phone hour it will the right time to take this step and put a specific time for logging in every day. Choose 2 or 3 hours daily to log into your accounts 10 minutes every time, we guess that is enough for social media.

Phone Fortress

The step of the phone fortress was made by Jess Davis, Founder of Folk Rebellion, and it means that when you get into the home every night turns off all the devices to silent mode stop using any electronic device and if you are waiting for an important message keep the ringer on.

Finally, these steps will not suddenly occur. You have to train yourself on them and wait for the results overtime to overcome the loss of control over your day and how to benefit from it, reduce wasted time and increase productivity in work and daily life and make you more active and social.

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