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Web Design Trends in 2019

The designer always needs inspirational ideas to help design a modern, technology-friendly site, so if you’re designing, you can follow the most important web design trends in 2019 by reading the following trends that can inspire you with a new idea to design your website.

Web Design Trends in 2019

Knowing the trends of web design helps the designer to innovate the design of the website, especially that highlights the direction of technology in the future, and the satisfaction of customers and comfort when browsing sites.

Use writing in design

Web design tends to be used for storytelling in design, so if you are a designer you should enhance your writing skills and storytelling. The world is going to get a visual design that tells a story that attracts a reader. 2019 is expected to see a dramatic change in design, Where words will be used in website design and product design, focusing on them rather than the previous emphasis on traditional graphics.

Writing is one of the most important tools to help your brand, reach and win customers, and help you deliver the brand message to customers with ease.

3D illustration 

The 3d design is one of the most important designs for sites, where designers are not limited to the style of illustrations, but many tend to add depth and realism to designs and graphics, combining the digital and physical world for the harmony of people and digital elements to understand and interact with them positively.

One of the most important of these three-dimensional design sites is the Stripe site, where the animation on his card trying to integrate digital images with the physical, in a way that suggests you trends in future design.

Use animation

It is expected to increase the trend to include temporary animation in the design of the sites, which contributes to the leadership of the marketing page, where the emergence in late 2018 the use of a set of animation based on scrolling, in the design of sites, and attention is drawn to the use of animation approach to smartphones in 2019, where the phone’s web will be designed separately from the desktop design on the web.

The font type used in the design

The design goes to everything unique and unique, as the future moves towards the specific design, especially in the form of characters such as text that is written half inverted and attract attention to learn more about it, making it a great idea and technology to design brands that are memorable with the public.

Plenty of diversity in design

Web design tends to include diversity within its design, provided there is homogeneity between the designs and drawings used, to attract people to it, but distinctly and not dislocated.

Comprehensive design

The comprehensive design is designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of users, bringing it to modern and distinctive design. It also helps brands achieve their goals and depends greatly on improving the user experience for all people, not a specific category.

Use the coding in the design

New design tools are being developed that will allow coding with design through APIs and component systems. The most important of these are Figma and Framer X, which helps designers to use code and integrate it with design interfaces.

CSS web

CSS helps designers place objects in their exact place, helping them to centre objects vertically or horizontally. The designer uses them to place the element where they want vertically and horizontally, easily, a new design feature. Available only by printing.

Use colours in design

Companies are expected to use soft, soft colours to design their brand, which is the most appropriate colour for the market, but designers have a different point of view. Independent designers tend to use bolder colours and harmony in their designs to reach an innovative design that is consistent with human nature. The trend of branding to humanize its design, and as I mentioned previously the attempt to merge the physical and digital world.

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