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Ukraine Payment Gateways All You Want To Know about Them

According to a report published by the National Bank of Ukraine on electronic payment gates in Ukraine on August 21, the Ukrainians, who have bank cards gradually removed from the use of money using Ukraine Payment Gateways, the first in a series of usual reports NBU on non-cash transactions.

In the first six months, Ukrainians conducted 1.5 billion non-cash transactions worth $ 21 billion, the report said. In 2018

This means that the holders of Ukrainian bank cards this year accounted for about 6% of these transactions compared to the same period last year. These include purchases made online – in online stores, transactions from card to card – and with payment terminals in stores.

The Most Prominent Ukraine Payment Gateways

Ukraine Payment Gateways- PayPal

It is a convenient online money transfer service popular in the West. But PayPal does not work in Ukraine. While Ukrainians can use the service to send money to other PayPal users, they can not receive money.
PayPal is widely used, not because the service is unique, but simply because this company has become the dominant global market for electronic payments.
So thousands of young Ukrainian entrepreneurs must be creative to find a way to earn their living by selling their handicrafts through virtual markets like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Craftsy, Ravelry and many more, where PayPal may be the only payment option.

PayPal Payment - Payment Gateway Providers


National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) announced on November 13 that the Chinese payment system UnionPay International, the world’s largest payment system in terms of issued cards and volume of operations, enters the Ukrainian market. UnionPay International provides services in Ukraine to issue cash from ATMs and support payments for goods and services with UnionPay payment cards. As reported by the Ukrainian financial news site FinClub,
This is the third attempt by the Chinese payment system to enter the Ukrainian market. There have been previous failed attempts to allow Chinese tourists to use their payment cards in Ukraine using PrivatBank stations.

unionpay payment gateway

Apple Pay

PrivatBank, the main innovation-friendly bank in Ukraine, announced the launch of the Apple Pay service for mobile payment
And digital wallet service for cardholders in Ukraine. The service is available to both credit and debit cardholders, whether Visa or Mastercard.
Dumitru Kripak, Acting Country Director at Visa, said the service was “one of the most anticipated payment innovations in Ukraine”
Ukrainians are expected to accept the Apple Pay service easily. “Today three-quarters of POS stations in Ukraine already support contact payments” Krepak believes that the introduction of Apple Pay will “speed up the digitization of the Ukrainian economy”.

apple pay


The US multinational financial services company MasterCard Digital Wallet Service, MasterPass, became Ukraine on July 15 Ukraine is considered the 32nd state in which the electronic service was offered.
MasterPass is an online service that helps users to pay electronically using any bank card or electronic funds from
one place.

mastercard payment gateways


Paypers, one of the international industry suppliers, has just released the eighth edition of the “Guide to Online Payments and the Electronic Commerce Market”, which addresses the most important trends in the global market. In the e-commerce market and today’s repayment,

Both traders and public service providers need to balance safety and convenience with consumers, as well as implement comprehensive payments for new technologies. As a result, traders are now demanding high levels of service from global and local PSPs, the report notes. At the same time, PSD2 leads the fundamental changes in the payment industry and provides opportunities and threats to PSP police.

Paypers Ukraine payment gateways

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