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Types of Value Propositions

If you have a business or want to start a business, you should know the meaning of “Value Proposition” that makes the customer buy your product not the product of your competitor. There are many Types of Value that enable you to enhance your product quality, we will discuss briefly here.

Types of Value Propositions

The value proposition is very important values in business that gives your product the priority to sell than other products. so you should evaluate your product depend on the following features:

Convenience firstly, it considered making features easy and saving customer time and effort.

Experience Then, it is important for giving a good experience to the customers will make them back again to your product.

Style choosing an attractive and beautiful style for the product will help you to brand it and attract customers.

Usability your product must be easy to use. it can apply to anything that people use including products, services, and information.

Identity is a very important feature responsible for the image of the brand in the customer mind. 

Reliability is the ability of the product to perform over time in a variety of expected conditions.

Efficiency is measured by the amount of the output you get from the product. it should be attractive to get more customers.

Productivity It is used to measure how much you get out of an hour worked or a dollar of investment. 

The risk caused because of uncertainty decisions, strategies, and actions.

Compatibility product must be compatible and work with other things.

Information you should collect information about your customer to make the product meet his needs.

The price you should list the price compatible with the features that product produce.

Terms use terms that remove unpopular restrictions that competitors impose.

Trust you should make a trusted product to gain the trust of the customer.

The customization you should add a feature to the customer to enable him to add his liking to the product.

Performance following high performance should help your product.

Results that produce to you returns of an investment product.

Functionality Things that customers can achieve with your products or services.

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