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Types of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of internet marketing that helps to increase your site’s visibility in a search engine results pages. This is a modern marketing strategy that helps to advertise your product. It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. 

How do you get to the top of SEO 

Indeed there are usual SEO suggestions “compelling content, keyword selection, web page optimization, inbound links, and social sharing”. But at the most important of all this is the content, that is to provide answers to the questions your target audience is asking. Remember, when your prospects are doing a search, they are actually asking a question.

Make a list of questions that your prospects and customers are asking. Then write complete and thoughtful answers to each question and give it its own web page.

When you have a single web page dedicated to a single question and answer, you improve your chances of getting ranked high with the search engines.

Types of Search Engine Marketing

1- Organic Search

Also known as natural search or free search, is the best-known form of search but the one in which you have the least control. Organic search results are those listings that appear in the wide left column of a search page, the results that most people recognize as being the most trusted results. 

When you get to the top of an organic search listing, you’ve reached the Holy Grail. with organic search, each listing that appears on the search engines represents an individual web page, not your website as a whole. So if you have 50 pages on your website, you have 50 opportunities to get listed.

2- Paid Search

It refers to the Google Adwords program. “Bing and Yahoo” have similar programs, but much less traffic than Google. Paid search gives you much more control over your search placement and will allow you to see results more quickly.

With Adwords, your ad appears on the column down the right side of a search engine page. Very often, ads also appear at the very top of the page of the left-hand column. These are also known as Sponsored Ads. the most exciting matter with Adwords is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad, pay per click (PPC), And even with a low click cost, your cost to acquire a new customer can add up pretty quickly.

3- Local Search

From its name, Local Search is about getting found by searchers in your local area. You may have noticed that when you search for a local business on Google, you will get a dedicated list of local businesses matching your search. Local Search is similar to Organic Search because the listings are free and you can’t control what Google decides to put up for a search.

Of course, Local Search isn’t just for local businesses or for B2C companies If you sell to other businesses in a broad region, Local Search can work for you too.

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