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Types of Business Security Systems

   In fact, It’s self-evident that any business exposed to many risks and threats. So, security Systems is the one thing on which you should not compromise. 

Types of Business Security Systems

1- Access Control Systems

This is century generation of access controls which puts you in charge and in control. Regulation of access to and from your business ensures the safety and security of staff and the premises.

With these types of security systems, you can restrict specific areas of your facility to certain employees, making it virtually impossible for those who don’t belong to gain entry without a keycard. If you house valuable items in your place of business, access control systems store invaluable data on who entered where.

2- Video Surveillance Systems

Many business security systems today feature video surveillance and closed-circuit cameras to monitor their premises and property around the clock. Now you can have full-color, full-motion and high-resolution video images from your video surveillance.

 With the ability to monitor your business inside and out, you are able to better manage not just from a security standpoint, but also operational. With CCTV, you can keep track of your customers and staff, and monitor your premises. They provide clear photos as clear at night as throughout daytime hours and as good from outside the building as inside the premises.

Access Control

3- Computer security system

A computer security system protects your documents and other sensitive information. Because hackers are always targeting small businesses, you need to protect your business from hackers, spyware, and viruses. With so much work being done on computers, a hack results in business interruptions, loss of customers, and thousands of dollars in losses.

4- Wireless Sensors

Protect employees and clients with sensors that are available in both hardwired or wireless configurations now for protection against various gases including carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.

5- Fire Alarm Systems

You have to have a fire alarm system for business premises. The basic fire alarm systems consist of a number of devices that work together in order to detect the presence of smoke, fire, and harmful gases. They also call the fire department and other emergency services if problems arise.

Fire Alarm Systems

6- Intrusion detection alarm

This system protects everything inside your store or building and protects against vandalism and burglary. You should not wait for disruption to happen to install an alarm. This system not only deters burglars from stealing but also prevents employee theft. Intrusion detection systems consist of entry detection devices, glass breaking sensors, and motion detectors, being monitored by a third party.

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