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Top Gamification Examples in Marketing

  Naturally, We as humans love fun and games. this the most thing can attract us. So, marketers realized this fact and use it to improve the marketing campaigns, By making it more fun and engaging by incorporating elements commonly found in video and mobile games. This exactly what we called Gamification.

Gamification Examples in Marketing

1- M&M’s Eye-Spy Pretzel

In 2013, M&M’s launched an incredibly successful game as a part of its M&M’s pretzel marketing campaign. The game was based on the eye-spy logic – it was inexpensive and simple, and yet became an instant hit among the audience of M&M’s.

M&M's Eye-Spy Pretzel

Users were basically presented with a large graphic design of M&M’s candy, with one small pretzel hidden among them. The task was to simply find the hidden pretzel. The game was a minuscule part of a massive marketing campaign, but it offered a new fun way to engage with the company’s new product and effectively helped to spread the word about it all over social media.

2- NikeFuel

Nike has launched a campaign called NikeFuel a part of its vast Nike+ community. In NikeFuel, users compete against each other in the daily amount of physical activity. An app on their smartphone would note all activities performed by users and transcribe them into points.

After reaching a certain level, NikeFuel unlocks special trophies and rewards. All of this generates lots of motivation for Nike’s customers, not only to keep doing sports but also share their results in social media and increase the brand’s visibility.

3- Bluewolf

In 2012, Bluewolf launched a gamified Going Social program for its internal staff. Bluewolf decided to apply gamification to different areas of employee activity with one goal in mind – to promote collaboration by bringing the ‘social’ into the core of business strategy.

The company inspired employees to share their knowledge through gamified activities, which counted points and gave out rewards to employees for every attempt at internal and external collaboration. Moreover, employees earned points for sharing content on their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts or publishing posts on the company blog.

Gamification Examples

4- Engine Yard

Engine Yard is a famous platform used for application development, mostly for deploying, scaling, and monitoring new apps. The company chose a Zendesk knowledge base, but when the solution didn’t bring the desired increase of engagement, they decided to incorporate gamified elements like badges and other game-like tactics to foster participation and reward users for contributing to the community.

5- ChoreWars

ChoreWars is a solution business use for turning ordinary tasks into the engaging competition where users create characters, chores, and embark on adventures. Even if it sounds childish, ChoreWars proved to be a great tool to boost motivation at the office.

CoreWars can be configured to serve as a one-off contest, it is perfect if you’d like to get employees back in action. You can also use it as an ongoing program that will issue a weekly leader board and award prizes to top players every week.

6- Keas

Keas is a smart employee wellness platform used by any organization to keep lower group health insurance costs and maintain low expenses related to events such as unnecessary sick days. In its operation, Keas employs gamification by allowing workers from client companies to log into their personal dashboards.

Here they can view their statistics, earn awards for achievements like completing tasks or support co-workers for getting closer towards their goals.

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