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Top 5G Network Countries In World

We all know about 4G tecnol0ogy and use it and before it, we used to use 3G even until now some places still use 3G but the new tech is the 5G and there are places that use 5g network countries. The tech may not be very popular but there countries that use it.

What is 5G Network 

5G is the newest generation of cellular mobile communications. 5G provides a high performance,  targets high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, massive device connectivity, and other modern feature.

-The United States

The United States has the lead in 4G networks also it has advantages in the 5G network race. The United States also leads the way in spectrum efficiency, permitting the repurposing of broadcast spectrum for broadband. but, the United States also has disadvantages slowing it down in the 5G network race between countries.


In Canada, the 5G tech will be available at 2020 to customers to use and enjoy its features. Rogers Communications in Canada is making a 5G test site on campus at the University of British Columbia, set to go live in this year.


China will take fast moves in the field of 5G tech. The GSMA estimates that by 2025  China will represent 40 percent of global 5G connections. China expects a huge increase in the number of new companies, employment opportunities, and equipment sales thanks to 5G technology. 


Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure made a commercial launch by 2020 also Deutsche Telekom announced in mid-2018 that Europe’s first 5G antennae were being deployed in Leipziger Straße and Winterfeldtstraße.


Japan is trying to use 5G nowadays by making a test on it also it is experimenting the 5G since 2010 and plan to launch 5G service in 2020.


A telecom company in Qatar called ooredoo has been working on implementing 5G since 2016, they are the first company in the world to provide commercial 5G access. Also, this company has branches in Oman, Palestine, Maldives, Singapore, Algeria, and other countries so this might be a chance for these places to have the 5g tech.


Zain launched the 5G tech in 2018 and two out of three of the telecommunication companies in Kuwait have launched 5G service.


With the help of Samsung, telecom provider plans to launch 5G in this year. According to TIM’s CEO, Amos Genish, “We have set ourselves a challenging timescale and will be using every tool available to us to reach our target: to launch 5G services in Italy as quickly as possible.”


Switzerland is planning to try the 5g tech this year and make it available to customers by 2020.

In conclusion, 5g network countries are in increase day after day.

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