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Top 5 Native Advertising and Marketing Channels

Native Advertising is a type of advertising, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. it is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear. Native ads are often found in social media feeds, or as recommended content on a web page. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native and don’t really look like ads. An important aspect of advertising, in general, is the net impression, which is a reasonable consumer’s understanding of an ad. The power within native advertising, however, is to inhibit a consumers’ ad recognition by blending the ad into the native content of the platform, making many consumers unaware they are looking at an ad, to begin with.

Top 5 Native Advertising and Marketing Channels

Channel is a group of technologies from which applications, processes, and technologies are developed. An online marketing channel is an integrated web-based channel where advertisers and publishers buy and sell advertising space. the top 5 Native Advertising and Marketing Channels we will discuss here

Redirect.com Allowing customers to both buy and sell traffic via a real-time bid system, the popularity of Redirect is surging big time. One can buy displays, email addresses, domains, pops, and RON traffic, among others. Target traffic by desktop and mobile, country, city, region, browser, mobile device, carrier, connection type time, days of the week plus more. You can even get your advertising or content in the newsfeed premium email newsletter where the consumer is already engaging or on websites as native content. 

Outbrain is an online advertiser specializing in presenting sponsored website links. The quality of ads is monitored carefully using intelligent filters that incorporate the content from many product-oriented ads. Outbrain has teamed with many leading niches, publishers, and markets to promote native ads.

Nativo is an advertising technology platform for brand advertisers and publishers to scale, automate, and measure native ads. It relishes in the support of a range of reputed publishers, which reflects in its commitment towards quality. All ads are made to match the individualistic feel of each publication.

Gravity platform that enjoys the patronage of AOL, featuring some of the best publishers in the market. As a publisher, you need to have at least 1 million page views to join its ad network. Gravity sorts out relevant content that keeps them engaged.

NativeAds the approval process for NativeAds is moderated, and a request is typically addressed within a span of 12 hours. It is an excellent choice for modern publishers despite their slightly lower per-click rate. The interesting thing about Native ads is their ability to leverage other native ad networks, which expands the reach of your campaign.

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