Top 15 tech news websites

Are you from those who are crazy about technology? want to know every new thing in it like software, updated operating system, information regarding computers, and tips & tricks, if so, this article is for you. In the last period, there are huge numbers of tech. websites and blogs but not all of them worth your time for reading so in this article I will tell you about the top 15 tech news websites.

This website has been serving sine two decades and it is very trustworthy and it does not just post articles it has video tutorials too, legal ramifications, security issues and other topics upon customers interests.

This website has over 50000 contributors also it is well established you can search on everything by its name like google for example and it has a good and easy design to read its content and colors good for your eyes.

This website is owned to Wired magazine The website gives you different categories to find the related stuff that you want to particularly search for including Design, Gear, science, security, business, and Entertainment. So, if you get bored with any news, you can easily switch to its entertainment section.

This website specialized in software reviews so you need to download before any software for a PC or laptop. You will find every software review and a huge library of freeware and also help visitors to find out the best hardware, software and other tech services including best apps for the same purpose.

It gathers information from everywhere also reviews, tech conventions and other development in the field of technology. It will let you know about companies and their latest tech development along with great ideas.

The Engadget lets you have information about the latest tech news. The website provides full guidance and usage of any software, reviews application software and gadgets to let people understand more about technology with a good design.

With a hundred million visits every month, this website gives you a piece of unique information about everything new in the field of tech also provides a high-quality publisher network.

The Digital trends website provides updates about a lot of things such as devices, mobiles, computers, home theaters, laptops, and tips. I’m sure you will love this website.

It is specialized in tech trends also this website will show you lot more of your interest. You will get the latest news on the operating system including Android, iOS, and windows.

An amazing website that has videos about technology podcasts and tech news and an endeavor of network 18. The website reviews the latest gadgets including software, tablets, smartphone, gaming video, home theaters and more.

Since 1996 and this website provides visitors with information about technology and everything new in it also it is trustworthy and well established.

Another tech website that keeps you up to date to all the tech news trends with a unique design.

a very popular website you must hear about it provides contents ad per region and language specific editions. 


A global blog that keeps you up with all the tech trends.

14-The Verge

Another website that includes new technology.

These were the top 15 technology website hope it help you finding what you want. 

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