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Top 10 Paid Jobs in Technology

Providing paid jobs, became something necessary, so youth are doing whatever they can to be attracted for these jobs. Through this article, let’s talk about something interesting which is Top 10 Paid Jobs in Technology.

Top 10 Paid Jobs in Technology

1-Software Engineer

You hardly ever run into a list of great jobs that don’t include Software Engineer and for good reason. With how important smartphones, computers, and the Internet have become in our daily lives, companies need plenty of talented people to help them create cutting-edge technology, and truly skilled individuals can be hard to come by.

2-Computer Support Specialist

By providing help and advice on networks and systems, computer support specialists make the use of computers easier for other people who may not have advanced computer training and knowledge. They may test and evaluate existing networks, perform regular maintenance, and troubleshoot network systems. In many cases, a computer support specialist will listen to a user’s issues and provide troubleshooting and repair advice to solve the problem.

3-Computer & Information Research Scientist

Sitting at the forefront of information technology, computer and information research scientists create and design new ways to use computing technology. They research techniques and invent new directions for software and computers. By attacking complex problems, research scientist creates new technology methods for numerous industries, including business, medical, and scientific fields.

4-Computer Network Architect

These professionals are the ones who design and build data communication networks, ranging from LANs, for “local area networks,” to WANs, for “wide area networks.” The networks that are assembled by these experts can connect two offices in different cities or connect a complex network of offices, satellite offices, and in-home offices.

5-Software engineering manager

Software engineering manager will lead a team tasked with developing, researching, and testing the company’s software. This is a crucial role in any company building or maintaining software.

6-Applications Development Engineer

Applications development engineers must know various programming languages and operating systems. They’ll use the source code to create software that is customized to a client’s needs. Application development engineers may work in teams, on prototypes, and on testing applications.

7-Solutions Architect

A solutions architect is responsible for deciding which technologies to use. Job responsibilities can vary, but they work closely with others to ensure solutions and technologies are properly implemented. They also do a lot of hands-on work with designing and engineering complex software and systems.

8-Systems Architect

A systems architect designs, configures, operates, and maintains a company’s networking and computer systems. This includes everything from software, hardware and web portals to security, firewalls, and intranet and internet connections. Systems architects must possess solid programming, conceptualization, and organizational skills.​

9-Data Scientist

Data science is a growing field. Companies are now collecting tons of data from users, and they need to analyze it and draw insights from it. The people responsible for this are data scientists. Data scientists aren’t just seen at tech companies or startups. A range of industries is now seeking data science experts.

10-Enterprise architect

An enterprise architect develops the plans and workflows for deploying and maintaining servers, software, and other IT assets. In other words, an enterprise architect is on the hook to come up with (or at least, contribute to) the IT strategy.

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