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Top 10 Domain Selection Tools

The domain name, called Domain Selection, is one of the most important factors that attract people to your website or blog. Each time the domain name is simple and unique, the more visitors to your website, the better.

Domain Selection Tools

The domain is the title of your website on the Internet, and includes a distinctive extension such as .com, “.net” and others, and the more simple and distinctive domain name whenever your site won the attention of the public and the best results in the arrangements in the various search engines, Domain:

1. Select the extension “.com”

“.Com” is one of the most popular domains in the domain names, which earns people’s trust when accessing your website or blog. “.Com” has millions of domain names, with domain names using “.com” About 137.6 million registered names out of 342 million registered registrations, while “net” has 14.1 million registered domain names.

Many people do not trust to access sites with unknown extensions such as .info and others, so take care of getting “.com” when creating your website.

2. Attention to keywords

Since keywords are the most important factors to get your site the first arrangements in the search results in Google and other search engines, the more your domain name contains keywords and simple the better your website.

Such as companies that have a website dedicated to selling Android phones, would prefer to have their domain name “bestandroidphones.com” which makes it easier for the search engine to find your site when searching for the word android phone, so be sure to match the keywords to your domain name.

3 – Make sure to name the domain name short and simple

Long domain selection names are not well-liked by search engines and may harm the ranking of your website when you search for products inside. It will make it difficult for people to remember your website name, and they will not be in their minds.

The recommended domain selection name must be 15 characters long, so be sure that the name does not exceed 15 characters so as not to harm your website.

4. Do not use numbers or links

Since the presence of numbers and links reduces the credibility of your name and your website, and the public may forget the number or link within your domain name, they can not access your website, for example, if your domain name “flower-shop.com” Make a mistake and go directly to “flowershop.com” and therefore do not go to your site and go to another site and buy from it.

5. Choose the appropriate brand name

It is essential to build a distinctive brand for your website, where the name of the unique site depends on the name of your brand unique and easy to remember again and make sure to check on Google to make sure there is no other company by your name.

6. Use domain name generators

You can get help choosing the right domain name for you through some domain name generator tools. These tools are free and easy to use and help you find the perfect domain name available for registration.

The most important of these generators are LeanDomainSearch and NameMesh, they can help you choose the right domain for you.

7. Find the appropriate domain name

Once you have chosen the appropriate domain name and are available to register, you can search for brands similar to the domain name, and be sure that this name was not previously a bad brand. Make sure that the name is not similar to any site or brand that has a bad experience with search engines And to avoid any litigation against you.

8. Domain registration quickly

After taking the previous steps, you should speed up your domain registration, so that someone else does not take it and register it to the website. Sometimes when you reach the appropriate name for the domain and you have some other ideas but you are late in registration you find someone else who registered the name before you, another name.

9. Purchase the domain name from the auction

You can get a domain name through domain name auctions, where you can buy the right and unique name for a higher fee, but it will cut you a lot of time and shorten the research group that you would have done as you mentioned earlier to register the right name for you. Great opportunities to save time and effort to choose the right domain for you.

10. Register additional extensions

If you have a large domain and choose the appropriate domain name for you like “Flowershop.com” you can register other extensions such as “Flowershop.org”, “Flowershop.net” and so on so that someone else can not register his domain name on another extension. The audience mixes with you, so this feature is important to keep your business and your audience private.

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