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Top 10 Creative Ads in 2018

Over the ages, the ads have received the attention of many people with different social and age groups, especially visual ads. So we’ll show some of the best and creative ads in 2018.

Top 10 Creative Ads

KFC Hong Kong “Hot and Spicy” 

It was a classic campaign used by the advertising agency Ogilvy Hong Kong which is responsible for the campaign, traditional print ads Where the images in the ads embodied chicken pieces as pieces of fire To confirm the hot taste. Ogilvy Hong Kong created a campaign that sparked praise among consumers and creative peers alike.




Nat Geo “Nujeen”

This advertisement tells the story of a young Syrian refugee who fled in a wheelchair and the girl in the announcement tells her own story, Nuja Mustafa, and re-legislates its impossible passions. The agency responsible for this campaign is 72andSunny. Thanks to the cooperation of Nuja Mustafa and her novel to capture the details of her story, the campaign became one of the most influential campaigns.

Greenpeace Canada “Don’t Suck the Life From Our Oceans”

In this campaign, the destructive role of disposable plastics in ocean life has been discussed into a critical mass this year, with major brands including Starbucks pledging to phase out plastic straws. Perhaps the most powerful visuals of this consumer shift came from Greenpeace Canada and Rethink.


Newport Beach Film Festival “Quota”

The promotional videos for film festivals have become one of the most hilarious and terrifying in recent years, and the Newport Beach Film Festival has definitely been one of the pioneers. For the festival this year, director Gillian Martin created a mini-masterpiece with “Quotation: Make-up”. It is a great achievement in the short story narration with its end.

Bud Light “Oracle Susana”

Choosing the best ad is a challenge. Bud Bow’s Super Bowl, “Bud Knight”, was memorable and characterized by the dry intelligence and meticulous representation that made the campaign a success. But for our money, the best place was “Oracle Susana”, which was created with a clever blend of Spanish and English aimed at attracting the fans of the World Cup. Advertising is not funny and unforgettable.

Monoprix “The Worst Song in the World”

Is a strange challenge of its kind to launch a song under the name of “the worst song in the world”. They should have made it appealing to be heard. The French agency Rosapark and its production partners have faced this challenge and have made a terrifying path to the Monoprix grocery chain. The problem is that the protagonist in the ad cannot stop listening because her hands are full of grocery bags which would not be the case if she used the delivery service advertised. But even if you do not remember the rewards, you’ll always remember the song.

Apple “Unlock”

Is one of the productions of Furline House to launch the iPhone X. With fast rhythm and easy style, “Unlock” is a popcorn visual feast while a young woman learns that her look can open the new iPhone.

Kiwi “Greatness Starts With a First Step”

Ogilvy Chicago has done many print ads for the shoe shine brand Kiwi. Each of them presents the true shoes of a famous character, along with a detailed story of the first steps taken on their historic journeys. In a world where advertising is lucky to attract you for 6 seconds, these ads deserve to enjoy all the great details.


MJ Hegar for Congress “Doors”

It was an incredible revolutionary year for popular political declarations of all shapes and sizes, but with one recurring theme: they created an immediate and emotional relationship between the viewer and the candidate. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez used a long and personal story to help fuel her institutional rise from the New York bartender to the youngest congresswoman ever. But the most convincing thing is the “doors”, a compelling advertisement made by veteran Texas and America’s Heger.

Stabilo Boss “Highlight the Remarkable”

The campaign, which highlights women who may be historically overlooked, has been passionately involved in social media.



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