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Tips for Starting a Pop-Up Business

  For e-commerce businesses, pop-up business and shops represent a wonderful opportunity for attracting foot traffic and meeting with customers face-to-face. Do you think to try this experience?! well, these Tips for effectively starting.

Tips for Starting a Pop-Up Business

1- Plan your concept

Since pop-up shops only have a limited time to generate a customer base, you need an extra effort to help your store stand out. After all, a pop-up shop is an event, so you should make people excited for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Depending on the purpose of your pop-up shop, you may already have a concept in mind. the important part is having a strong, cohesive plan–much like a mini business plan.

2- Create an Experience

One of the biggest advantages of a pop-up shop is the ability to create a unique and unforgettable consumer experience, whether it’s through interactive displays, games, contests, music or something else entirely. With more and more commerce-related activities happening online; product research, consumer reviews, purchases – an in-person experience and the touch and feel of a product is still much more powerful.

3- Use strategic content marketing

Content marketing will play an important role in the weeks and days leading up to your pop-up shop. You should be crafting strategic content and publishing it in the appropriate places to maximize exposure and paint a picture of what the pop-up shop will be like. The goals of your content marketing efforts are to drive social media buzz and get people excited.

4- Host contests and promotions

People love to win things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gift card or a tchotchke: the idea of winning engages people and draws them closer to your brand. Run a promotion or contest using Instagram, Twitter, or both by encouraging customers to share photos of your store, or taking selfies wearing your products, and hashtagging their photos for a chance to win a prize.

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Most important factors in choosing a pop-up location

1- Try to be in a high foot traffic area. If it’s shopping foot traffic, even better. This will save you trying to drive all your store traffic yourself. You also want to be in an area and on a street that fits your brand and experience. That means choosing the right neighborhood with the right retailers and businesses nearby.

2- Another point to consider is who your pop-up is trying to attract, is it people who already use your products or service, or are you trying to reach an entirely new audience?

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