The Pros And Cons Of Entrepreneurship

The pros and cons of entrepreneurship

After graduating from university, everyone tries to achieve a huge success, in order to earn a lot of money, so they decide to enter entrepreneurship field, without realizing that it takes a lot of both time, and effort to accomplish any success could be mentioned. On this page it will be demonstrated, the pros and cons of entrepreneurship.

The Pros and Cons Of Entrepreneurship

  • The pros of entrepreneurship
  • The cons of entrepreneurship

The pros and cons of entrepreneurship

1-The pros of entrepreneurship

  1. Freedom، One of the best points of being an entrepreneur is the complete freedom, as you work on your own plan, purse your passion on life, and you will have to use all your skills, and knowledge to guarantee success, mainly you will be your own boss.
  2. The joy of discovery، as there is no specific routine you have to follow up with, no need for being stuck for hours behind a computer, inputting data, because entrepreneurship means there are new challenges to face everyday which you have to be creative when it comes to it.
  3. Profits، rather than makes others rich, you will have the chance to take advantage of your success, and any money you will earn will go into your own pocket, eventually while your business is growing, your potential income will grow too.
  4. Job Creation، being an entrepreneur means you have the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of others, by providing jobs for different people, from different standards, also you have the opportunity to establish a community of people you will regard as a second family.

The pros of entrepreneurship

2-The cons of entrepreneurship

  1. Risk، being of entrepreneur means taking on a lot risk, related to start a new project, which means rather than your employer will take the responsibility for any loss, you will risk you time, effort, and savings.
  2. There is no fixed income، Many first-time entrepreneurs make the same mistake of planning their income on the good time, rather than bad times, and they pay for it a high price, as business opportunities can improves, and they can slow down.
  3. Late working hours، Although entrepreneurs can earn a lot of money, more than standard employees, but it usually happens because of harder, longer hours being worked. It is very possible for entrepreneur to work 7 days a week, several times.
  4. Stress from work pressure، Even there is exciting time full of chances, and possibilities, but there is also an exhausting one, basically in the early stages, as all the responsibility can be hard for only one person, who has to take all the decisions, and manage all the details.

The cons of entrepreneurship

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