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The most important Platforms in digital marketing

It is impossible today to dispense with digital marketing in any business due to the continuous rise in the number of Internet users around the world, with the number of users in 2018 to 4,021 billion users, an increase of more than 7% per year.

I think you are now aware of the importance of digital marketing to your business so let me explain in this article some of the most important digital marketing platforms that may help you grow your business.

Digital marketing platforms :

Social media

Social Media is today one of the most important digital marketing platforms used by business owners to grow their business due to the huge and continuous increase in the number of users. The number of users in 2017 reached more than 3 billion users, more than 13%.

What do social media provide to the user and business owners?

The number of social media users is growing daily due to the size of the services provided by the lowest possible and free and also easy to use for the simple user and is also the best way to form a huge network of relationships and recently became the users of the culture of online shopping, some people use the means of social communication periodically shopping.

From the point of view of the business owners the importance of social media lies in the huge size of user Which is constantly increasing as we mentioned earlier In addition, it provides ongoing analyzes of past and prospective clients so that they can be easily targeted through advertising campaigns and sponsored.

There are many platforms of social media that can be used in digital marketing, the most important of which are the following:

1-   Facebook

2-   Twitter

3-   Instagram

4-   Youtube

5-   Linkedin

And many more, but that was the most important.

Website & blogs

With the increasing number of Internet users and the number of hours of use, which reached more than 6 hours per day, which is more than a third of the period of rescue is also increasing the importance of using websites and blogs in digital marketing.

Marketing through sites & blogs is divided into SEO \ SEM.


search engine optimization.” is the process of getting traffic from the organic search results on search engines, depends mainly on the content provided and the degree of interest of the client value and keywords and the search rate in search engines There are also several strategies and different ways to apply them can be issued search engines with the words selected.


search engine marketing.” is the process of getting traffic from the paid  search results on search engines, It depends mainly on the keywords that you choose to appear primarily, SEM works to show your site at the title in the first search results and is marked with an Ad next to it followed by organic results.

Email marketing :

Is one of the oldest and most important platforms of digital marketing, which works to deliver the real value and contribute directly to the growth of your business  for several reasons, the most important is :

Email has a larger reach.

Email delivers your message.

Email has a higher ROI.

Email is an open platform.

Email will be around forever.

Mobile app

The number of smartphone users in the world is expected to reach 2.7 billion by 2017. Here is the importance of using mobile applications in marketing.

The method of using mobile applications is one of the modern methods in digital marketing. Most companies and brands have recently applied them to the marketing process and have achieved amazing results.

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