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List of The Most Famous Search Engines in The World

The existence of search engines in our lives goes beyond the normal requirement. We now rely on search engines in almost everything. So we always love to use the most famous search engines in order to reach the best and fastest results. Besides Google and Bing, there are several other good engines.

One of the most important tools we use in our daily lives is the Internet, specifically search engines and social networking platforms. We have therefore provided you with a list of the most famous search engines in the world. This will make it easier for you to get better results faster.

Most Famous Search Engines

1. Google – Search Engine

Certainly, when we talk about a list of search engines, Google should be at the top of this list. Google is very popular with its monopoly control of about 73% of users. In which the control is due. Google offers a lot of different services regarding the field of algorithms.


2. Bing

Bing is like trying to cling from Microsoft to Google. Despite his efforts, he still has a long way to go with Google and convince users. He needs to improve his search results by improving the algorithms he follows. While Ping accounts for less than 10% of users.


3. Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the best e-mail platforms and one of the most famous search engines in the world. Yahoo comes after Gmail for Google. While it came in third place in the ladder of search engines by 3.9%.

Ping from 2011 to 2015 was Yahoo’s only provider of results. But after 2015 Google has also become a shareholder in the search results, by providing lists of associated results. This makes Yahoo a platform that combines Bing and Google.

yahoo search engines

4. Ask.com

The Ask search engine was formerly called Ask Jeeves. A search engine receives about 0.42% of users. But what distinguishes ASC is that it is a search engine that depends on the answer and question among users. But it also has the same general approach as other search engines.

ask.com search engines

5. AOL.com

The old search engine AOL.com ranks fifth among the most popular search engines using about 0.06%. AOL.com has popular sites like engadget.com, Techchurnch.com, and finally Huffingtonpost.com.

AOL.com has moved to Version Communications by the end of 2015.

aol search engines

6. Baidu

We know China’s love of establishing its own digital world. Baidu, founded in 2000, is the most widely used search engine in China. So search engine growth has been growing dramatically in recent times. It now deals with billions of questions.

baidu search engines

7. WolframAlpha

In the list of most famous search engines, the search engine WolframAlpha is the most different. The search engine relies on providing statistics and figures for the results. It relies on computational knowledge in its results. It uses numbers and facts in all its subjects.

8. DuckDuckGo

In fact, DuckDuckGo has several advantages over other engines. The search engine has a simple and easy interface. It does not track users and is not crowded with ads everywhere, offering all of its search results on a single page.

This is why we acknowledge that he has opportunities to be in a position to be ahead of this. It now accounts for 0.24% of users.

9. Internet Archive

This search engine is an extension of Archive.org. It is classically enjoyed and very old, but useful if you are looking for rare historical or cultural materials.

10. Yandex.ru

The best thing to conclude our list of the most famous search engines is search engine Yandex.ru. It now ranks according to the Alexa platform in fourth place among the best search engines in Russia. While other statistics indicate that it monopolizes Russian territory by 65%.

But what distinguishes search engine Yandex.ru is its advanced machine learning methods, similar to those in Google but made from their own team.

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