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The Main Types of Marketing

   How can consumers learn about your company or your services and obtain products? of course, the first thing that brings in your mind is Marketing. in fact, Marketing is more than just advertising, it acts is your identity, your company’s picture in front of customers. 

The most important thing to have when manage your plan is knowledge of your customers. You need to know what communication channels they use and what their needs are, and you need to gain their trust. so, here the main type that helps you.

Main Types of Marketing

1- online marketing

it is any marketing strategy that takes place online. of course, this is a must for businesses in a world where an online presence can be life or death for any company.

it includes a variety of forms like video advertisements, e-mail, also include web tactics such as social media, search engine, and blogging.

2- Outbound marketing

also referred to as traditional way, it includes any efforts that are taken to introduce a product or service to someone who isn’t looking for that product or service. As a result, they aren’t likely converted into a lead or customer.

Outbound includes tactics such as cold calling, emailing, sending newsletters, billboards, tv ads, and banner ads on different websites.

3- Inbound marketing

is based on attracting business by being helpful and relevant to your audience rather than being interruptive. Inbound focuses on having your company found by customers, as opposed to reaching out to them directly like in outbound, in which a person starts out with the need to product or service, and they go out to find it. 

it uses tactics like email, content, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and more with the focus being to attract visitors back to your website and move throughout the buyer’s journey.

4- Direct Marketing

it means that to send a message directly to consumers, without having to use any third party outlets. it includes mail and telemarketing that get direct selling. the results can be easily measured, that give the marketer a better understanding of the success of that campaign.

5- Affiliate Marketing

an online sales tactic that lets a product owner increase sales by allowing others targeting the same audience. it most likely involves four different groups that contribute to the marketing effort. The Merchant is the company that is producing and selling the product, the Network is the outlet that is used to promote the affiliate link, the Affiliate is the person who has the website with the affiliate ad and of course the customer doing the purchasing.

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