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The Difference Between a Retailer and Reseller

Most of the people mix between the definition of a Retailer and Reseller and we are here today to tell you the difference between them and more other information about both of them like their types. First, let’s define the meaning of both of them.

The retailer is a business, person, or a shopkeeper, who buys a product and sell directly to the end-user consumer.  that sells goods to the consumer, They are basically, sellers who are at the end position of any business management system. They are the direct representative of the consumers, that is, they help manufacturers to know about the need and requirements of the consumer like those who work in shops or supermarkets.

the reseller is a company or a person that purchases services or goods for resale and maybe they resell them to retailers or shopkeepers, this can often apply to an affiliate marketer make, distribute or provide IT products or services and end customers, which may be businesses or consumers.

in brief
A reseller will buy a huge amount of goods for resale and make a big profit, a retailer purchasing goods from a manufacturer that he will then sell on to his customer for a marked up price.

Now we know the difference between the two meanings lets find out types of them.

Types of Retailers

Department Store
is managed by one company it offers products at various pricing levels. This type of retailer adds high levels of customer service by adding convenience enabling a large variety of products to be purchased from one retailer.

Warehouse retailers
This type of retailer is usually situated in retail or Business Park and where premises rents are lower. This enables this type of retailer to stock, display, and retail a large variety of good at very competitive prices.

Types of Ressler

Value-added resellers
A value-added reseller buys products from a company and then resells it to customers with a higher price, this kind of resellers add value on the main product also the new the markets very well.

Value subtracted resellers
A company or a seller that buys products from other companies and puts them together in a system to sell them, they don’t add huge value on products.

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