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The 3 Levels of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(AI)  is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. It is also a field of study which tries to make computers smart. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include Speech recognition. Learning. In this article, we will discuss the levels of artificial intelligence.

The 3 Levels of Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence(NAI) is an AI system that is developed and trained for a particular task. Narrow AI is programmed to perform a single task and works within a limited context. it is a form of AI specifically designed to be focused on a narrow task and to seem very intelligent at it. the AI engine which transcripts image recognition cannot perform sales recommendations.
Siri is a good example of narrow intelligence. Siri operates within a limited pre-defined range of functions. There is no genuine intelligence or no self-awareness despite being a sophisticated example of weak AI. Siri brings several narrow AI techniques to the capabilities of an iPhone. AI researcher Ben Goertzel, on his blog in 2010, stated Siri was very narrow and brittle evidenced by annoying results if you ask questions outside the limits of the application.

Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) is an AI system with generalized cognitive abilities which find solutions to the unfamiliar task it comes across. It is popularly termed as strong AI which can understand and reason the environment as a human would. it describes research that aims to create machines capable of general intelligent action. The term was introduced in a discussion of the implications of fully automated military production and operations.  Human intelligence might not be able to compute as fast as computers but they can think abstractly, plan and solve problems without going into details. More importantly, humans can innovate and bring up thoughts and ideas that have no trails or precedence.

Artificial Super Intelligence(ASI) refers to the position where computer/machines will surpass humans and machines would be able to mimic human thoughts. it refers to a situation where the cognitive ability of machines will be superior to humans. Some researchers believe that superintelligence will likely follow shortly after the development of artificial general intelligence. The first generally intelligent machines are likely to immediately hold an enormous advantage in at least some forms of mental capability, including the capacity of perfect recall, a vastly superior knowledge base, and the ability to multitask in ways not possible to biological entities. This may give them the opportunity to either as a single being or as a new species become much more powerful than humans, and to displace them. it had two schools of thoughts, on one side great scientist like Stephen Hawking saw the full development of AI as a danger to humanity whereas others such as Demis Hassabis, Co-Founder & CEO of  DeepMind believes that smarter the AI becomes better the world would be and a helping hand to mankind.

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