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The 10 Greatest Tech Geniuses of all Time

Because of great and spread increase in technology, some technology geniuses have appeared in the last years. Let us discuss the top 10 greatest persons.

The 10 Greatest Technology Geniuses

1- Jeff Bezos– Amazon

Jeff Bezos launched Amazon.com after leaving a well-paying job at a Wall Street hedge fund. By starting Amazon as a simple online bookseller, Bezos was hoping to cash in on the rapid growth of Internet businesses.

Yet, through the years, both he and Amazon have proved to be transformative. Today, Amazon is multi-platform e-commerce and technology geniuses that is in the business of everything from tablets, streaming movies and e-tailing. In 2018 Amazon.com became the first trillion-dollar company by market cap in history.

jeff bezos - technology genieuses

2- Mark Zuckerberg- Facebook

One of the greatest technology geniuses who dropped out of Harvard to launch a business that has changed our very way of life. he showed incredible moxie by turning down a $1 billion buyout offer from Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) only two years into Facebook’s existence when he was just 22 years old.

mark zukerberg - technology geniuses

3- Bill Gates- Microsoft

Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder. he is well known for his giving nature through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but he was less than giving in business. Gates was known for his competitive and ruthless nature as well as his tech prowess.

He founded his first company, Traf-o-Data, at age 15, founded Microsoft at age 20 and became a billionaire by age 31. Once Microsoft entered the operating system business, it became a success, with the Windows operating system serving as the standard across the PC market.

bill gates

4- Steve Jobs– Apple

The once and future King of the most technology geniuses, Apple. First, he pioneered the idea that computers belong in the home; and then, 20 years later, he convinced the world that people ought to carry their (digital) music with them everywhere they go.

Apple may not have invented the PC, and it certainly didn’t invent the MP3 player, but Jobs’s famous “reality distortion field” has proved that who got there first is sometimes less important than what they brought with them.

steve jobes

5- Jack Ma– Alibaba Group

Former English teacher turned tech entrepreneur Jack Ma is the richest man in China. In 1999, Ma and a group of friends launched Alibaba Group Holding Limited to address the lack of e-commerce presence in China. Presently, Ma’s Alibaba Group is valued at over $200 billion.

jack ma

6-  Michael Dell- Dell

Dell’s tremendous journey, growing his company from a home-based business to a formerly publicly-traded firm, is remarkable. The company’s claim to fame was a direct-to-consumer business model that saved cost and maximized efficiency, leading to lower-priced PCs.


7- Tim Berners- World Wide Web

one of the tech geniuses in the world, who invented the World Wide Web. Everything from URL structure to hyperlinks was part of Berners-Lee’s; and though they’ve been extensively revised, they remain in use today.

Berners-Lee continues to be a key figure in the development of Web standards, and these days he spends his time developing what many think is the next step for the Internet: The Semantic Web.


8- Ray Tomlinson- e-mail

In 1971 Ray Tomlinson sent the message that would ultimately be heard ’round the world: An e-mail from one ARPANET host to another.

When you open your e-mail program and see that your inbox has 112 unread messages, you may not feel like thanking Tomlinson, but imagine where digital communications would be without e-mail. Tomlinson also came up with the idea of using the @ symbol to separate the username from the hostname in an e-mail address.

Ray_Tomlinson - technology geniuses

9- David Lightman- WarGames film

He made WarGames film, That is considered the Greatest technical achievement, It’s a tough call between hacking the US government and nearly causing a nuclear holocaust or hacking into his high school’s database and changing his love interest’s grade into an A.

This was one of the first major films about computer hacking and had a legitimate impact on the world. Specifically, the film inspired US President Ronald Reagan to enact the first Presidential Directive on computer security. That makes David Lightman the George Washington of film Hackers.


10- Shigeru Miyamoto- Mario

Shigeru Miyamoto kept the video game industry alive with his creation of an animated character named Jump Man, who soon became known as Mario. Miyamoto’s influence in the gaming business–he’s now a senior director of Nintendo–has been crucial ever since. His latest creation: Wii Fit.

shigeru-miyamoto - technology geniuses

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