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Techniques and Methods of UX Process

UX Process is an iterative method that helps you continuously improve and polish your designs. In the process, you go through different stages repeatedly while evaluating your designs on each stage. UX design is the process of designing products that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with. It’s about enhancing the experience that people have while interacting with your product, and making sure they find value in what you’re providing.

Techniques and Methods of UX Process

Product Strategy Is Significant To Lay the Foundation of PLC is the basis of a product life-cycle and the implementation of the strategy for additional development. 

Product Strategy It allows UX designers to zero in on specific target audiences and draw focus on the product and consumer attributes.

Competitive Audit for Industrial Overview is a complete examination of competitor products that chart out their current features. The objective of the competitive audit is to determine what works out for other companies in your industry.

Cultural Problems is a technique used to inspire ideas in a design process. It serves as a means of gathering inspirational data about people’s lives, values, and thoughts.

Stakeholders Interviews are discussions UX designers have with their important stakeholder: subordinates, peers, bosses, or customers both outside and within the company.

User Interview is a common user research technique used typically to get qualitative information from existing users. it helps UX designer better understand their users.

kickoff meeting entails a high-level framework of the product’s objective, who are designing and creating the product, how they will function together and stay updated on the latest developments, and what the envisioned outcomes or success metrics are.

Heuristic Evaluation is a detailed analysis of a product that highlights good and bad design practices in the existing product. It assists UX designers to envision the present state of the product in terms of effectiveness, accessibility, and usability of experience.

Product Roadmap is a product’s development plan with ranked features. It could be a Bunch of sticky notes, spreadsheet or a diagram. UX designer portrays the product strategy to the team and asks for the route that needs to be taken to attain its vision.

Brainstorming is widely used by teams as a method to generate ideas and solve problems. it allows the team to visualize a broad range of design solutions before deciding which one to stick with.

Conduct Concept Testing A UX researcher shares an estimate of a product that apprehends the key spirit of an innovative concept just to see if it fulfills the requirements of the target audience. 

Conduct A/B Test is proposing substitute forms of a product to different users and matching the results in order to point out the better performer. This is an inordinate method for enhancing landing pages and funnels.

Task Analysis A study of the actions required in order to complete a given task. Task Analysis is helpful when designers and developers try to understand the current system and its information flows.

Conduct Accessibility Audit A study to assess if the website can be utilized by everyone, containing users with special requirements. It should track the W3C rules to ensure that all users are contented.

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