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Technical Skills list and Examples

  Nowadays, when people mention technical skills, they mean mainly computer skills. But there is a difference between technical skills and computer skills. Computer skills are just a type of technical skills.

Technical Skills

1- Coding and Programming

One of the basic skill sets an employer will look for in an IT professional is the ability to write code. If the job is programming, an employer may seek a candidate who can code in several different languages, as many systems are built using more than just one language.

Writing code takes more than just proficiency with the coding language, it requires logical thinking, problem-solving, integrating different technologies, and having a broad understanding of information systems.

2- Technical Support

Technical Support includes an area of services that provide assistance to users of different technology products such as mobile phones, software products or other informatics, or mechanical goods. Also, technical support services address specific problems and issues with a tech product.

3- Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the process of examining large data sets to understand and see hidden patterns, correlations, trends, and other important business information. Effective big data analytics lead to high revenue opportunities, more effective marketing, and sales, improved operational efficiency, and much more other business benefits.

4- Project Management

Being able to effectively coordinate resources, people and budgets as a project manager are one of the best technical skills that you can have. Project managers are required in every industry from construction through to digital design. A qualified project manager will be able to deliver projects more efficiently, use resources cost-effectively and deploy the right staff to complete the right tasks.

5- Social Media

Knowledge networking is something that will be required of most IT professionals, in companies both large and small. Knowledge networking is an extension of good communication skills, as it requires gathering groups of people in a working environment to share what they know.

In fact, throwing a phrase like “experienced in social media” into your resume is no longer enough to impress most employers. today, so many people use social media. However, if you can explain your experience with certain media platforms and quantify your results, you will be able to stand out from the competition.

6- Information Security

In an increasingly digital world, security is an area of great concern among many business owners. Data breaches can have a devastating impact on a business, from loss of customers through to irreparable damage to the reputation of the company. As a result, demand is increasing for technical security specialists.

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