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Stages in the Consumer Buying Process

You might think that the process of buying a product is randomized but definitely no it has specific stages. If you are a business owner or a buyer you will need to know the stages in the consumer buying process to understand how this process work you won’t just find a product and you will buy it, no, it will take you from five to sex steps.

What is the Customer Buying Process

The buying process is a specific stage that the buyer takes to make a purchase decision. Every time a customer makes a purchase decision they go through a certain process includes from five to sex steps. Customers make this process and may not understand it so in this we will go deeper and discuss the steps.

Stages in the Consumer Buying Process

Problem Recognition

The primary stage of the buying process because your customer has to realize they need your product before a purchase can happen, so with traditional marketing or PR, this problem can be done also through advertising in addition to having an ad that explains what the customer’s problem is, and how the product or service can solve it.

Information Search

In this stage, customers start making research and gather information about the product to help them find the best solution to their problem or how this product will satisfy them so if you are a business owner and your products are great
 people are going to start being your brand advocates, and you won’t even have to pay them so always keep information available to your customers.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Most of us look for many other alternatives products, for example, if you are going to buy a new laptop you will try to ask for the other brands such as LG, Apple, and Lenovo. Customers will evaluate several different options and the possible benefits or drawbacks to each then they might take a decision. 

Purchase Decision

This stage comes in between all stages and at this stage, the customer has checked multiple options, they understand pricing and payment options and they are deciding whether to move forward with the purchase or not, so this one of the most important stages on the purchase process. 


In this stage, the customer has a need and already made research and explored all the alternatives so he already made up his mind so in this stage the customer takes a buying decision. Your buying decision may be affected by the manner in which you can purchase and receive the product. For example, you may purchase a product through a particular store because the product can be financed, is available immediately, or can be delivered quickly and many other things affect the buying decision. 

Purchase Evaluation

In this step of the consumer buying process, customers start to evaluate what the bought and make recommendations for friends if the product very useful. If they’re not happy with your product, they’ll just never use it again so try to provide your customers with good customer service also try to follow up emails and surveys and you can provide them with fair treatment.

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