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What is Sponsored Content and Why you Should Invest in it

 Recently, social media content and large microsites with articles and videos appear spreadly. When we look at this, we notice that it try to guide us to something! Exactly, this is Sponsored content.

What is Sponsored Content

Simply, it refers to a form of content marketing in which advertisers pay to publish their material on a publication with the intention of closely resembling that its editorial content.  sponsored content features paid campaigns, promotion, or content consistent, like a blog post, Instagram post, YouTube video, etc. on an external publisher’s site or channel.

In other words, sponsored articles amount to advertising on a media outlet in the form of editorial content that looks like it’s supposed to be there. Brands value this because association with a publication and exposure to its audience can drive awareness, traffic, conversions, and leads.

of course, Publishers know their audiences better than anyone, which means they will create videos, articles, and infographics that are most likely to perform well and generate engagement for the sponsors.

Why You Should Invest in Sponsored content

1- audiences prefer it

There are a time and place for traditional advertising, and it is way more effective when it is targeted and relevant to the user. But one of the main reasons why brands and publishers are investing more resources in sponsored content is that their audiences prefer it. Seventy percent of people would prefer to learn about a company via content, as opposed to an ad.

2- more storytelling

There is only so much a brand can say in a banner ad or 15-second video spot. If your brand wants to shed light on a complicated subject, sponsored content beats traditional advertising, hands down. An article, infographic, or video allows you to dive deeper into a subject matter and better showcase your expertise or perspective.

3- more engaging

People spend an average of 37 seconds on an article. Often, Mediaplanet content generates even higher engagement times, 60 to 90 seconds! What do you get with a banner ad? A millisecond, if you are lucky? Sponsored content is also becoming increasingly interactive and shareable, further improving key performance indicators.

Content also improves brand recall, which makes sense – if someone spends 30-plus seconds reading or watching something, they are more likely to remember it than a banner ad they glimpsed in their peripheral.

4- People don’t always trust ads

Trust is the foundation of effective advertising, and creating high-quality sponsored content can earn your audience’s trust. For better or worse, audience trust is harder to come by.

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