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Sponsored Content vs. Branded Content

You might mix between the definition of sponsored content and branded content but they are totally different from each other. Also Sponsored content and branded content are types of paid media strategies that fit the form and function of the surrounding editorial content on a webpage.

First, Branded Content

Branded content is some sort of advertising or marketing technique to make consumers connect and attach to the brand and the branded content is created by a writer or publisher, also it focuses on the value of the brand not only on the products but what can provide to the customers.

Also, this kind of content tries to affect on the customers  More than looking for a direct sale  Therefore, the key metrics to measure the success of branded content of this type tend to focus on the notoriety and the number of mentions. also branded content has an entrainment side to add value to the user.

Branded content is known for its flexibility it can be formed in several ways video content, podcasts, interactive formats, video games, actions on the street, events or even combine several of them to tell the history of the brand.

Red Bull is a good example of it is one of the most successful brands nowadays as an energy drink, it creates stories that promote brand values, such as sports and love for risk. Redbull continuously makes stories and advertising to be connected to the audience.

Second, Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is everywhere around us also it has been on the rise in media publications over the past few years, there are still plenty of people who are confused about its purpose and how it differs from branded content. Sponsored content is simply paid content by a brand such as a Facebook Ads or promoted tweets and street Ads or the pop-up Ads.

sponsored content has a bad reputation for some people with some people who feel as if they’ve been tricked to read an article that’s been paid for by a brand. It tells a story on behalf of a brand, instead of directly pushing a product.

Dove’s viral video is an example for sponsored content, in the video, a sketch artist creates two drawings of a series of women. With over 114 million views in just one month, this Ad became the most viral video ad of all time. 

For a conclusion, branded content and the sponsored ones are both excellent ways to promote your brand and reach more people and after knowing the differences between them you can decide with one to use or you can use both.

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