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Best specialized sites for freelancers

In past articles, We mentioned the best websites for general freelance jobs. Here we would show specialized sites for freelancers that more help freelancers to get convenient jobs.

The Best Websites for Writers to Get Freelance Jobs

1- Freelance Writing Gigs

The name isn’t winning any creative awards, but it gets the point across. This site is basically a well-curated job board that’s updated Monday to Friday with the hottest new clients willing to pay you actual money to write things.

2- Blogging Pro

Despite the name, you can find everything from tasks like helping people start blogging to editing to general copywriting jobs here. they aggregate all the best writing jobs they can find to make them easy to find and search through on their site. Also, totally free!

3- Journalism Jobs

Check out this job board that curates journalism jobs from around the web, along with other typical writing and editing.

4- Freelance Writing

This source of writing jobs is excellent for freelancers all over the map, from brand spanking new to very experienced. It’s easy to filter for the type of job you want and the experience you have, and it’s totally free.

5- Media Bistro

Media Bistro has a nice little variety of categories, which includes writing and editing. Their curated list features everything from book editing to PR content, so you’re sure to find a few things that fit you.

6- Due

We couldn’t leave out the technical writers! You can write helpful guides on invoicing, payments, blockchain currency and more. They’re looking for long-form and well-researched posts, so it would be tough to break into as a newbie, but if you already have background knowledge in the area, it could definitely be worth your time.

7- Contently

Coming as equal parts free portfolio for creative freelancers, an online publication with solid freelance advice, and a platform for scoring freelance jobs with hundreds of the most successful brands & startups in the world.

The Best Websites for Designers to Get Freelance Jobs

1- 99 Designs

This site is set up in a bit of a different format than typical freelance sites, but it does work in the design context. Clients publish a contest, and designers submit their work as their application. The client chooses the design they like best, and the designer gets paid.

sure you’ve noticed the downside; if you don’t win, you don’t get paid. However, it can be an excellent way to build up your portfolio at the beginning, and if you’ll be doing work anyway, it can be a great resource.

2- Behance

This isn’t a freelance job site per se, but it is something you need to do now. These kinds of sites help designers showcase their work, and because the site has a much higher DA than any personal website you’ll put together, your work has a higher chance of showing up early in the search engine based on your keywords. It’s a must for designers of any skill level, and something you need to get set up right away.

3- Angel List

Start-up companies of all kinds search for talent on Angel List, from established to brand new, so you can get a taste of the start-up culture and possibly get your foot in the door for long term employment.

4- Art Wanted

They want art! If you’re more of a graphic designer or digital illustrator or even if you’re pretty skilled already on the side, you can put up your masterpieces on Art Wanted. People can browse them by keywords, and there’s always the potential for connecting with clients!

5- Design Crowd

This is similar to 99 Designs, with somewhat fewer designers active on the site. They also have contests, but payout lower amounts. Those are actually both advantages for new designers, as there is less competition from very experienced designers, and you’re more likely to be selected.

6- Envato Studio

Envato Studio’s most popular category is logos, so if that’s your thing, start here. They’re also known for very fast turn-around and an easy-to-use platform, it is convenient for beginners!

The Best Websites for Developers to Get Freelancers Jobs

1- Joomlancer

If you’re a tech wizard and you’re chomping at the bit, go to Joomlancer first. They have a super fast sign up process, and you can pretty much immediately start bidding on jobs. They do focus on mostly intermediate to advanced software projects, though, so not a great place for beginners.

2- Rent a Coder

Pretty self-explanatory, clients that are looking for programmers, developers, and even designers will go to Rent a Coder to. Also, free to sign up!

3- Programmer Meet Designer

This site brings together every type of freelancer needed to make a website great, including programmers, developers, and designers. It’s a pretty easy job board to search through, highlighting budget, the skill set required, and deadline.

4- YouTeam

If you’re an experienced software developer, YouTeam is a great site that’ll pair you up with remote contract work and even freelance jobs on-demand. While most engineers on their platform aren’t full-time freelancers, this can be a great place to pick up some long-term projects if you’re already a contractor for another IT consulting firm or software development shop. In order to join the platform, software firms and their developers are first thoroughly vetted and verified, which adds an additional layer of credibility to this platform.

5- Codeable

WordPress experts, this is an excellent place to start. Codeable focuses on offering their clients everything from WordPress themes to plugins, and that’s it. They’re literally just a resource for people to find WordPress experts, so your task of finding the right clients just got a lot easier.

The Best Websites for Marketers to Get Freelancers Jobs

1- People Per Hour

This one is great for marketers, as well as SEO folks and software engineers. PPH takes care of just about everything in the process, but only allows for 15 applications before charging. Browsing is free though, so totally worth it to send out some feelers and see if you think it’s worth it.

2- Remotive

Remotive is a fairly standard job board that you can search through and has all sorts of categories, including marketing. It’s easy to see when the job has been posted, where it’s located, and what speciality within marketing it falls under. And free!

3- Aquent

This is another great company that will make the connections for you. Their clients come to them with gaps they need to fill, and they turn to their group of freelancers to do the job. They mainly focus on marketing, but also dabble in tech and create jobs too.

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