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Social Media Tools That Enable You To Manage Your Business

With the emergence of Social Media platforms, companies are able to market their brand using the best social media tracking tools, which provide customer information, comprehensive data about them, and enable you to easily track your competitors in social media tools. Follow up the most important news and the most recent Hashtag.

The Most Important Tools Follow-up Social media

Awario – Social Media Tools

Is a relatively new tool for social media tracking tools that are flexible in search mode and are readily available to monitor the analysis of social networking followers.

The insights of these sites are provided about any product, whether it is an emerging company, an international company, or a digital agency.

It markets the brand of the user and its competitors, helping to discover content ideas, find influencers to share their work and create complex queries about marketers.

Covers news, blogs, and the entire network to give a comprehensive view of the brand on the Internet.
It also covers many contact sites like Twitter, Facebook Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, News, Blogging, the Internet.

Brandwatch –¬†Social Media Tools

Is a tool of 3 tools for marketing and public relations management that allows the user to identify audiences and find people based on targeting rules such as demographic criteria and interests.
Allows users to better understand their customers by analyzing their social media publications and identifying what distinguishes them from the general public.
Brandwatch gives data that allows Vizia to visualize the creation of custom dashboards, where Vizia works with third-party tools such as BuzzSumo and Google Analytics to give the user a comprehensive way to measure their marketing efforts.
Supported platforms for the Brandwatch tool are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Sina Weibo, VK, QQ, blogs, news, the web.


It is a tool that provides features for publishing social networking sites and monitoring but does not monitor sources outside social media
It also offers many useful merging with tools such as Brandwatch and Reputology, some of which are free, while others need to be purchased as add-ons.
The supported platforms for Hootsuite are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Meltwater is a tool for testing corporate communication. Meltwater provides the capabilities of managing public relations and social media and includes powerful tools for analyzing signals on key user’s online passwords.
Meltwater’s strength lies in its analytics, allowing users to create custom dashboards around the user’s brand.
Supported platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs and news.


Is an ideal listening tool for the social media of major brands and agencies.
Talkwalker provides powerful analytics that allows you to discover trends on key user keywords. This tool prepares basic reports by analyzing demographics, followers’ skills and interests,
It also creates a powerful cloud of words that allows you to identify the most used ticks with your keyword.
In addition to tracking conversations via social media and the web, Talkwalker monitors print and TV signals and recognizes the images available in the Enterprise plan.
Supported platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, blogs, news, the web, print, TV.


Is a comprehensive dashboard of Twitter user activity, which allows it to schedule tweets, interact with publications, manage its inbox, and track its company’s signals on the web.
While its potential is limited to a single social network, its search options are great for a free app.
With this tool, the user can add keywords in flexible formats, exclude certain terms, and filter results by country, language, or date.
You can also set up as many searches as you want and respond to your Tweets directly by connecting your Twitter account to the app.


Is one of the tools of the follow-up Social Media focuses primarily on the management of social media, and provides the possibilities of listening to specific social networks.
Although Agorapulse does not include web monitoring, it’s a great way to search for social brands, as well as monitor publishing and social media.
Agorapulse allows the user to find influencers on social networking sites.

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