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Social Media Customer Service Everything You Need to Do

Social media customer service is the backbone of any business. It is critical to the fate of corporate sales and should, therefore, be viewed as a business priority. Customer service through Social Media is a way of dealing with consumers, communicating with them, identifying their problems and trying to solve them. 

Tips to Improve Social Media Customer Service

Follow-up evaluation of customer service support channels

You should look at specialized channels to support customer service in social media, monitor reports, and keywords that customers communicate about a product, and determine how much time is used to address customer problems, all of which is done regularly and continuously.

Providing customer service via web site chat

Most companies offer customer service through the website that provides the service, whether it is an online store, an academic site, an advertising platform, entertainment site, educational forum,

The customer service through the customer service web link is a relatively new one, linking all the social media and phone numbers to the customer’s service in one place, the website.

Based on the addition of smart software to the website opens a conversation window to the left or right at the bottom of the screen once the customer enters the website, the window pops up and invites him to talk to the customer service officer and to complain or ask questions and queries.

Use more human resources

Do not rely on a single customer service agent to manage accounts on networks. A number of people should be assigned and assigned to manage contact accounts at different times to ensure they are covered 24/7.

Customer response speed 

Speed ​​may not be the most important factor to support by e-mail, phone, or personal service, but on social media the speed of the customer service officer is over everything, so you should do more to respond as quickly as possible, with  67% Of global consumers interacting with a customer service brand on social networks in a 24-hour response. In a survey conducted by The Social Habit, 32% of social media users who call a brand expect a response within 30 minutes, and 42% expect a response within 60 minutes.

Use another channel if required

Some problems can not be solved on social networks, you may need to communicate more widely with the client to understand more details and get sensitive information from the client who may not be comfortable to share some information on the network; it may be communicating better via email or phone And more effective, such a step emphasizes consistency on all channels and the strength of your follow-up with customers.

Move the connection to a higher level in the right way if necessary, but tell the customer that you want to communicate with him on another way and do more work to help resolve the problem perfectly.

Create social media guidelines 

Social customer support has different challenges and opportunities for social marketing so it is important that you have guidelines for social media to support clients, these must be aligned with your company values ​​and with the social marketing team.

Social media guidelines for social customer support should cover things like

  • Sound tone
  • Response time per channel
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Protocol on escalation or other customer problems
  • Message Approval Procedure and Permissions Management System
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