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Six Basic Types of Twitter Conversations

We all must use or at least here about Twitter as a very common social media platform that allows building communities between people around the world and make conversations between them. There are many types of Twitter conversations we will explain them in this essay.

Basic Types of Twitter Conversations


(Polarized Crowd) This is featured to divide the community into two groups that have little inter-connection or bridge between them. this may concentrate on divisive topics that contain political topics as an example. the following image discusses #My2K hashtag is an obvious example for a divided polarized network that there are two groups (G1, G2) have many connections between each other.

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(Tight Crowd) this is a connection between defined people that are isolated and highly interconnected. a very obvious example of it is conferences, professional topics, and hobby groups. it divided into 2 to 6 small groups. the following image explained #CMGRChat hashtag which is considered a type of tight crowd network to 


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(Brand Clusters) this is presented by-products and celebrities that may attract a great number of Twitter users. The larger the users talking about a brand, the less likely it is that participants are connected to one another. famous companies such as Apple is a great example of the brand cluster network. it divided into many small groups. the following image explains the network also.

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(Community clusters) this talk about global news, events, and popular topics which is disconnected from group to another. Global news stories often attract coverage from many news outlets, each with its own following. it divided into many small groups and medium the following figure explains the community clusters network.


In Hub & Spoke

(Broadcast Network) this used by the news media outlets, famous individuals, and loyal followers pundits. it has a little interaction among members of the audience. it divided into one large group and some secondary. In some cases, there are smaller subgroups of densely connected people who do discuss the news. the following image is an obvious example of a broadcast network.


Out Hub & Spoke

(Support Network) this is used for companies, government, and organizations to respond to complaints and inquiries for people. it used to create toward spokes. This produces a hub and spoke structure that is different from the Broadcast Network pattern.  it divided into one large group and some secondary. the following image is an obvious example of a support network.

support network
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