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Shopping and Purchasing Habits in The First Quarter of 2019

The world has changed now that the digital age has come, as continuous changes have become a necessity for all. Many areas have been affected by the digital age, such as commerce and retail, changing people’s shopping and purchasing habits.

Factors Affect the Change of Shopping and Purchasing Habits

One of the most important factors affecting buying and shopping habits is the presence of smartphones and tablets, which has become a major factor in shopping through e-shops and retail stores.

Smartphones and tablets have changed the faces of shopping, changing traditional buying habits and driving online purchases.

Shopping and Purchasing Habits

The purchasing and shopping habits in the first quarter of 2019 have changed significantly. According to Global’s report, there have been many changes in several areas that affect buying and shopping habits, the most important of which are the following:

 The number of online shopping users around the world reached 56% of the world’s total population, about 66% of whom use internet through their smartphones, and about 58% of Internet users in traditional ways.

 Media outlets increased the number of shoppers by 45%, and the number of shoppers through their smartphones via Media Media 45%.

A growth of 2.6% in the number of smartphone users in online shopping, while the growth in the total number of Internet users 8.6%, the growth in the number of active users on Media Media 6.1%, and growth in the number of users of Media Media via smartphones 11%.

The Impact of E-commerce on  Shopping and Purchasing Habits

E-commerce activities have influenced the buying and shopping habits of shoppers. The report pointed to many statistics that emphasized the impact of e-commerce on buying and shopping habits, including the following:

The number of searches for a product prior to its purchase by search engines reached 82%, which confirms the influence of the opinions of the former customers on the products in increasing the purchase rates and has become a new shopping habit.

The number of visits to the electronics store to purchase a product through an electronic device reached 91%.

The rates of purchase of various products and services through the Internet, through any electronic device 75%

The Impact of Social Media

Commercial advertisements on Media Media sites contribute to changing buying and shopping habits, so Media Media greatly influences customer buying habits. The most important sites are:

Facebook: The percentage of access to commercial ads to 43% for females, and 57% for males, and India came in the highest ranking and then the United States.

Instagram: The percentage of commercial advertisements reached 52% of females, 48% of males, and the United States ranked highest and then Brazil.

Twitter: The percentage of commercial ads reached 34% of females and 66% of males. The United States came in the highest place, followed by Japan. Saudi Arabia ranked fourth.

 Snap Chat: The percentage of commercial ads reaching 61% of females and 38% of males. The United States ranked highest, followed by France, and Saudi Arabia ranked fourth.

LinkedIn: The percentage of access to commercials to 43% of females, and 57% of males and the United States ranked highest and then India.

As I mentioned, these statistics came as a result of a study conducted by Global, namely for the first quarter of 2019 “Report of April 2019”, and therefore there is a significant impact on the habits of buying and shopping at the beginning of this year.

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