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SEO Techniques That are Effective to Increase Your Site Traffic

SEO has become one of the most important tools for the website’s access to the first arrangements in the various search engines, thus increasing the number of visits to the website, and achieving high profits and sales, so you should pay attention to the application of SEO techniques to reach your goals quickly and properly.

SEO Techniques to Increase Your Website Traffic

1. SEO Techniques- Improve the user experience through the website

You should pay attention to the quality of your website so as to ensure user satisfaction, thus ensuring that your website is constantly visited, especially improving the speed of your website’s downloadability, so you should pay attention to lowering your site’s bounce rates so that search engine favorability will increase its ranking at the top of search results pages. The most important ways to reduce bounce rates are to format the content within your website, improve its quality to be easier to read, interest in not crowding images, and the availability of white space on the site to please the user when visiting your site.

2. SEO Techniques- Improve voice search

New technologies have developed within the search engines, reaching 50% of the searches in the next year to be through voice, especially with the use of more people to Amazon or Google Home or Siri in voice search, and therefore take data from the SERPs in order to re-display information, When you improve the voice search of your site it is easily accessible by users.

3. Focus on topics rather than keywords

Due to the recent developments in Google search and the use of new algorithms, it is expected to search soon according to the understanding of the intention of the user, what to search, and what Google predicts from a more specific search, where the search engines will not rely on the content that includes the keywords, but the intent of the user in the search, By knowing your target audience, to see what kind of content you create, depending on the age, type, and category of your audience.

4. Try To Make Larger Content To Rank in First Page

A recent study by Backlinko suggests that increasing the duration of the content increases the likelihood of ranking it at the top of the SERPs, but with an interest in the quality of the content with the target group. Sometimes people do not want to read long content, so you can reach the most appropriate length of content from Through your audience and searching for the appropriate topic for him, and how many words enough to describe him in a simple and easy to user.


5. Interested in the content of the video on YouTube

YouTube is classified as one of the top ten sites in Google search, especially in video research. YouTube has been ranked in Forbes magazine as the second most popular search engine among people, surpassing 3 billion monthly searches, And Bing, so you can take advantage of this feature to improve SEO, if you are innovative and creative in the video industry, so take care of the title of the video, and described it attractive to rank in the top arrangements on YouTube, and addressed the title of SEO so that it can be easily modified.

6. Build a variety of backlinks

Background links are the most important links to determining search rankings, so you should pay attention to the quality of the links, both through content quality and effective communication and marketing, where search engines rely heavily on on-site links to determine their ranking.

7. Interested in the technical improvement of your website

It is important to take care of reducing the technical problems within your website so that the various search engines can easily reach it. Any technical problem may lead to a decrease in the ranking of your site on the search engines, and you can improve the technical site by strengthening the site for HTTPS. Practices that help your site in search results arrangements, as well as through the use of AMP phones that help speed up the loading of web pages on your smartphone.

8. Target local researchers by selecting landing pages and lists

Recent local searches on Google have reached 46% of all searches, so they are very high, so you should pay attention to improving your site if it offers a local service to attract potential customers. Most local searches lead to a business or business visit To make a purchase, thereby increasing your earnings.

9. Consider measuring the SEO performance of your site

It is important to pay attention to SEO reports and analyzes to understand and study how to improve your website’s SEO. It is important to pay attention to the content that has been received by the customer and to discuss with them. You can also know the least visited pages on your site, so you can improve them. The SEO, therefore, increased the result of ranking your site in the first arrangements.

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