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Self learning Sources

  In fact, The secret to learning is thinking only about whatever you love, you dream about it. Follow it, Do it.  As we know, the internet is a great place for self learning, and with new information being added daily, you can find self learning sources easily.

Self learning Sources


This website offers so much to learners and it is all free of charge. What more can one ask for? Most of the courses include video training, followed by a test that should be completed in a set amount of time. You will have a professor monitoring your progress, so you get the complete package. Did I mention all of this is free? Looking for free essay editing software? You could probably find it at Coursera.

2- Khan Academy

Many students use Khan Academy to get them through school. This tool is effective for students going the traditional route and for those who are a focus on educating themselves. There is a wealth of information and you can start with basic courses and move up to advanced. Khan Academy has made a name for themselves when it comes to online education.

3- EdX

This site provides Free online courses for career advancement. it allows you to explore any topic, subject, or even school in just seconds. It has a smart search bar and free online education from exclusive universities worldwide.

4- Alison

This site provides free high-quality knowledge and workplace skills training. It has customized courses made to improve your skills in a certain field. It is typically good to provide basic education and workplace-related skills to improve the practical knowledge of the persons. Most of its courses are free.


Udemy has become a giant in online learning and now offers courses on almost every topic. Though most of the courses are paid they are offered at relatively low prices. You can find both free and paid content on the website. If you prefer, you can also build tailored courses from its lessons.

6- Duolingo

It is a free language learning platform to provide a large collection of languages to learn. it is best for getting intensive yet detailed grammar lessons.

7- Busuu

It is World’s largest social network for language learning. Busuu is one of the best language websites that allow you to learn new phrases and vocabulary. It has audio recording options, dialogues, writing exercises, and native speakers’ interaction.

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