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Sales Optimization Ways and How To Do It

Have you ever thought, how well do you benefit from all the data you collect about your customers? Is it true that all these data do not work in a large proportion of companies and do not affect sales optimization in many institutions?

Recent studies in sales show that about 43% of companies that collect customer data do not benefit much from this data, while 23% do not.

The sales data you collect for your organization or company is the backbone of maximizing your organization’s profits in a short period, especially in the start-up period, where you need many customers and data.

If you are the one who collects the data without making any use of it, you should carefully focus on a specific plan, or apply some steps to increase your profit and convert customer data into real sales.

10 Ways to Make Sales Optimization

Here are the top 10 ways to improve your organization’s sales rates.

Sales Optimization- Key Driver:

The Key Driver theory or method says that most institutions are always focused on high results only, but they always neglect the low outcomes that must be carefully studied until they are improved.

The three key performance indicators that must be considered are volume, conversion and time, each sales organization will already know these, but you can get valuable insights by splitting your CRM data, this will show you the results you can improve.

For all that information, think about key performance indicators and ask yourself: “Which deals take longer? Which has a higher volume? Which have higher conversion rates?

Sales Optimization- Lead data:

Once you segment your potential customers, you may notice that some channels are producing potential customers better, faster, or more. Review all potential customer data to see where you’re most successful.

Check out the most profitable ways to bring you sales.

Sales Optimization- Contact data:

According to Salesforce, the percentage of high-performance sales teams is 2.8 times higher than their organizations, which focus on personalizing customer interactions over the past 12 to 18 months.

In other words, these companies treat their customers in a personal way, communicating with all their customers in a personal way. This gives the customer an impression of confidence and gradually improves sales.

This also helps customize when you use the main sharing tools.

Sales Optimization- Activity:

There are reports that CRM users spend 5.5 hours each week recording their activities and updating their clients’ contacts, and companies charge $ 13,200 each year per user on their own!

It should be easier to save time, effort and cost as well. You can find this by finding easy-to-use tools that can automatically track activity data for your sales representatives such as automation tools so they do not have to enter all of this information manually.

Sales Optimization:

According to reports from DemandGen, 95% of customers choose institutions that provide appropriate content at each stage of the purchase process.

Content is an excellent indicator of where the customer is in the decision making phase, is also an effective way to track and understand the customer in sales


A survey by Accenture found that 89% of customers are frustrated and are starting to get back to business or unwilling to deal with these institutions. The man by nature object tends to care not to neglect!

Salespeople are busy, they have dozens and hundreds of conversations per week!

There is no possible way to remember each of these reasons why tracking conversations is crucial.

Length of sales stages:

The meaning here is the length of the sales phase.

Salesforce’s sales status report found that 25% of sales teams consider reducing sales cycle length as one of their most important goals next year.

It’s not surprising that you want to shorten your sales cycle to save money, but try to look at sales conversion rates between different stages to see where you can end your sales cycle at the right time.

Deal size:

What is meant here is the volume of deals you make.

Many sales organizations struggle when deciding whether they should focus their attention on a few large deals or a large number of small deals. In fact, there is no universal answer to this.

But from sales, we find that the cost that a firm pays in a big deal may be big, yet the deal is in doubt, a success, a fail at any moment!

Therefore, interest in small transactions, many in number, is considered the most important.

Lost Reason:

For lost reasons, lost cause data is necessary to capture as it explains why people choose not to buy your product!

This data alone can lead to significant improvements in your sales process and product development, making sure that this is a mandatory field that must be completed when the transaction is transferred to the sales process.

Analyze these reasons well.

Are they mostly pricing objections to the goods or services? Or was there no need for the product? Then divide this information with other data points.

You can then know where the default is.


Forecasting is a very important factor in achieving expected sales ratios from transactions.

According to CSO Insights, 60% of expected trades are not closed.

As we said before, salespeople are a group of trustworthy people

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