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RiseUp 2018 The Biggest Event For Start Up

RiseUp 2018 Summit is an annual entrepreneurship and innovation event that takes place in Downtown Cairo, Egypt, 7-9 December. It has been described as one of the largest gatherings of entrepreneurs in the region. RiseUp 2018 slogan is “connecting startups to the most relevant resources worldwide”.

The summit is a three-day, entrepreneurship marathon, to bring the MENA region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem technology experts, business managers, creators, and entrepreneurs together. The first RiseUp Summit occurred in 2013 and is now in its sixth year.

The Partners

RiseUp participants include some of the world’s leading companies, investors, speakers, and support organizations.  Main participants include “UBER, IBM, Facebook, Vodafone, The World Bank, Network, and Pepsi”.

The Speakers

The event includes experienced people in different fields that speak their experiences and appreciate the problems they face:

  • Jason Pau: Chief Of Staff (international), Ali Baba Group
  • Ahmed Sabah: Co-founder & CTO of SWVL
  • Ameer Sherif: CEO and Co-founder OF WUZZUF
  • Amir Barsoum: Founder & CEO of VELVEETA
  • Brooks Entwistle: Chief Business Officer – UBER international
  • Bradford Church: Product Manager AT UBER

For more information about the event, visit RiseUp official website.

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