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Pros and Cons of Google AdSense

Thinking about whether or not to use Google AdSense advertising on it to make it generate some form of income.

Well, this is a description of the pros and cons of this approach to Internet advertising. AdSense has definitely hit the Internet as something of another planet and people are excited about it everywhere. There are negative aspects of Adsense and alternatives to consider. Let’s show them!

Advantages of Google AdSense


This is a key feature of using Google AdSense because it provides a return on your website. Where the material return depends on several factors including the amount paid by the advertiser for each click and the popularity of your site. As the advertiser will pay much more for clicking on the competitive keywords. Websites that have a good record tend to convert visitors into clicks to attract a premium. Google AdSense pays monthly publishers, provided that clicks reach a minimum of $ 100.


Content is one of the most important things on which your site depends, as it affects visitor attraction and determines the ranking of search engine rankings. One advantage of using Google AdSense is that it automatically provides contextual ads that fit the theme of your website. It also offers ads in a variety of sizes so you can minimize the impact of lost content space by using only small display ads on your pages.


Website design helps to attract visitors in terms of ease of navigation and simplicity of design. Google AdSense offers highly customizable ads that can blend or contrast with your site’s design. Users can change the colour of ad text, backgrounds, and borders as well as the size of text and the shape of ad boxes. Skilled webmasters and bloggers can modify ads to complete site design.


Its most important features are providing detailed statistics for your website visitors and advertising revenue. AdSense publishers can sign in to a secure account portal to access visitor and revenue statistics, including data on ad clicks, revenue per click, total revenue, page fame, and even individual ad popularity.

Disadvantages of Google AdSense

 AdSense Language Support

It supports limited languages.  AdSense only supports the languages as shown in the below picture. If you want to use another language, you couldn’t use AdSense

adsense languages

Site Age

Publishers from certain locations like India and China must have their site for at least 6 months before applying for AdSense. Google says this step has been taken to ensure the quality of the ad network and protect the interests of existing advertisers and publishers. Thus, it is worth waiting for 6 months and then applying for AdSense to avoid rejection. You can learn more about all the eligibility required to apply an AdSense account here.

No traffic from social and traffic exchanges

Google does not like publishers getting traffic to their sites from social sites like Facebook. The use of free traffic exchange programs is not allowed at all. If you prefer high social traffic, AdSense is not an option for you or at least you should not show your AdSense ads on social landing pages. Google can roll back your hard earned money on the name invalid activities without even mentioning the exact reason to you.

Postal account verification

You need to enter the pin number received from Google in order to get paid when your account reaches the threshold amount for payment. This is a big problem for the publishers those do not have a permanent address or frequently travelling to other countries.

Lifetime ban for mistakes

You will be banned for the lifetime if Google detects any invalid clicks generated from your publisher id. There are a lot of possibilities that someone clicks on your ads frequently or a bot generates ad impression without your knowledge.

No possibility to change payee name and country

Google allows changing the payee name if your account is eligible for an electronic wire transfer from Google. In this way, you can receive the payment in any alternate payee account, but it should be still from the same country.

AdSense ads will impact page speed

Google uses asynchronous JavaScript to load AdSense ads from the server. This will help to load the advertisements without blocking the content. But this will not help much in achieving higher page speed. 

Privacy Factor

If you want to check the tracking, just open “bluehost.com” website on your browser window. Now open any website that shows AdSense ads. You will see the ads are from “Bluehost” or related to web hosting services.

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