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Pinterest statistics That each marketer must know in 2019

Pinterest was the fastest independent site in history, reaching 10 million unique users in 2012. Since then, the platform has kept its highly active audience and helped it reach this milestone. It is also likely that Pinterest users would say that their time on the platform was good. With more than 175 billion pins to browse, there are opportunities for each type of brand on Pinterest. In this article, we show you the most important Pinterest statistics in 2019, which each marketer knows.

The most important statistics of Pinterest in 2019

Pinterest has 291 million active users per month

As of the first quarter of 2019, Pinterest reported about 291 million active users per month worldwide. More than a third of currently active users in Pinterest are from the United States, so there is room for international audiences as well. According to Pinterest statistics from the brand in 2018, about 80% of new registrations came from outside the United States.

In addition, In Pinterest statistics,  the channel has a 72% awareness as of February 2019. So, what does this mean for your brand? Simply, Pinterest has capabilities for both local and international companies. With a little help from some utilities, you can find out where your audience belongs and customize your content accordingly.

Women on Pinterest are the power of purchasing decisions

As of 2019, 79.5% of female users of Pinterest, according to the site Statista. The proportion of men also increased over time from 14% in 2013 to 20.5% in 2019. Given the strength of Pinterest as a platform for product offerings, this demographic composition is important. Women aged 25-54 make up 80% of US household purchasing decisions.

In Pinterest statistics, According to Pinterest, these “stylists” on the Pinterest platform see a valuable part of their buying trip. In Pinterest, users plan ideas, visualize their future, and plan for their goals.

  • 83% of women use Pinterest to plan moments of life, compared to 44% for Instagram and 53% for Facebook
  • 43% plans to get an ideal home within the next five years
  • Plan 1 out of every 2 to take leave within the next 6 months
  • Furthermore, shoppers invest in Pinterest in what they love.
  • 52% of their platform is used to develop their knowledge of great food and drinks.
  • 70% use Pinterest to find accessories, watches and jewellery.
  • In addition, 52% of Pinterest users spent $ 500 or more on beauty products for more than six months.

Simply put, if your company has a visible marketing strategy, Pinterest may be the place to go.

50% of the millennium generation uses Pinterest every month

One in two in a 2,000 generation uses Pinterest every month. The Millennium Generation uses social savvy to plan their future and look for new ideas on the platform, and they are likely to buy things they increasingly attach. Forty-seven per cent of the millennium generation on Pinterest buys something they interact with.

Fortunately for your strategy, most Pinterest users are all passive consumers of content – more than 75% of saved pins come from companies. The Millennium Generation tends to search for products on social networking sites before buying. Brands have a strong opportunity to connect with their most engaged and active audiences.

27% of marketers are already using Pinterest

Pinterest statistics published in January of last year found that 27% of global marketers are already using Pinterest for promotion. For brands, educational content is particularly useful on Pinterest. People like shopping for new ideas when there are lots of tips and ideas to follow. This channel is an excellent place for brands for weddings, speciality companies and others to show what makes them unique.

Pinterest users are always searching for purchases

90% of weekly users use Pinterest to help them make their purchasing decisions either immediately or when planning subsequent purchases. In addition, 55% of site pins are specially designed to find products. These factors help make Pinterest four times more efficient in generating sales than other digital campaigns.

Even when your customers walk around the shops personally, they are still looking for help in Pinterest. 67% of users say they use their smartphones when shopping in physical stores.

78% of users say that brand content is useful

In most social media channels, it is necessary to strike a balance between promotional content and attractive content. The good news is that as Pinterest focuses heavily on ideas and themes, you compete less with friends and family posts. More often, your followers search for your content.

The key to making the most of this brand-loving audience is knowing how to use Pinterest effectively. For example, Pinterest pins are often an important part of a user’s feed. Half of Pinterest users say they buy something after a pin promotion, while 78% say brand content is useful.

Up to 80% of Pinterest users access the channel via mobile phone

Like so many online activities today, there is a growing demand for mobile access to Pinterest. Users prefer to access the platform via their smartphone, specifically 80% of Pinterest users use it on their phones.

For brands, this means that it is important to understand the needs of users when creating content. Keep your material clear and easy to read on smaller screens. Remember to stick to the high-quality images and the correct specifications of the platform to highlight your pins. Using the right way for Pinterest content, you can get your audience to stop scrolling and deeply exploring the content of your brand.

The average time taken in Pinterest is 14.2 minutes

BitTrust statistics indicate that the amount of time that should attract your customer’s attention is increasing. The 14.2 minute period that Pinterest takes in each session is an important opportunity to win the attention of your audience. To make the most of the time your audience spends on Pinterest, make sure that your content is as engaging as possible. If you convince your client to install what you share, they will return to it over and over again. May share your information with more users as well.

By 2020, Billeter’s advertising revenue is expected to exceed $ 1 billion The overall value of Pinterest increases dramatically, so if there is a lot of time to join Pinterest, that will be the case now.

Making access to the platform particularly attractive to advertisers, I read with the previous BinTest stats covered here only about how interested users are and how much of a basic discovery tool remains for both planning and purchasing.

Travellers use Pinterest twice as much as normal users

When looking at your BinTrust content strategy, consider reading the different trends that have been grouped and shared by the platform itself. For example, in 2018, Pinterest found that travellers were twice as likely to use Pinterest via standard travel websites over the Internet.

Beyond the travel space, Pinterest has also smashed the best trends for 2019 in the areas of health, wellness, hobbies, interests, important moments, food, home, men and women, beauty, children and parenting, giving brands of various industries a great starting point for the coming year.

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