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Personal Branding Tips

Have you heard about Coca-Cola? What about Ferrari? I am sure that these names are widely recognized in their own industries due to their superior features, those are trademarks or corporate trademarks on the other side of this currency will be what we call personal branding.

What is Personal Branding

Just as a corporate brand focuses on building an image based on the company’s selling points and unique criteria so they can use that image to communicate with their potential customers through advertising and marketing. Personal branding is the same process but focuses on one individual rather than the entire organization as a whole.

The Importance of Personal Branding

Now you may wonder why you need to improve your Personal Branding well, and the answer is so simple to get more business.

For an average person, the task of building a personal brand can seem a bit daunting, which is why this article is here to help you in this endeavor.

How to Develop Your Personal Branding

First: Personal Branding- Select your specialty

Let’s clarify one thing: there is a lot of competition in the labor market, so you have to think outside the box, what is unique about you? what is your specialty? Let’s say you are a digital marketer and want to build a personal branding brand. But digital marketing is a very wide field that you should know thoroughly, then you must choose one specialty, and be distinct from anyone else.

Social media marketing, SEO, or google advertising may be the only specialization of your choice, so you should be the focus of your studies and develop your brand.

Second, use notation

There is no substitute for simple old notation. Once you know where to work, you’ll need to start writing blogs. I recommend at least one blog per week, but it should be new and relevant to the blog domain.

Some of the tools that can help you choose the right titles and keywords are BuzzSumo and SEMrush.

Additional blogging tips:

  • Content must be new and innovative.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Pay attention to quality about size or quantity.
  • Do a thorough search before writing the situation.
  • Never use duplicate content.
  • Write topics related to the blogging field.
  • Use keywords wisely and avoid erroneous activities like keyword stuffing.

Third: Use guest entries

Guest blogging is a great way to get traffic at the beginning of your path when you write a blog or article but to someone else’s site. Although guest blogging has its disadvantages because you are basically writing content for another website that will bring more traffic to that site and also improve the ranking of their pages. However, it will greatly help you create good external backlinks for your blog which will help a lot in ranking.

Additional tips on guest blogging:

The best way to find a blog where you want to post a guest post is to use the SEMrush tool. It will show you the analysis of competitors and places where your biggest competitors get most of their external links, where you can communicate with these blogs and offer to write them.

Even if you are writing for someone else’s blog, you must abide by all the basic rules of blogging. Such as, using keywords, and delivering new and relevant content. You should also avoid offending activities such as duplicate content and keyword stuffing.

personal branding

Fourth: Create and improve your website

In today’s digital age, if you want to gather information about someone else, the first thing you will do is search for it on Google. This is why building your website is important. Remember, this site is like a personal branding brand for you. You must use the full creative freedom you want. Use your best content, SEO best practices and other website technologies to make it more appealing to users.

You should create a professional about page with a good-looking picture, complete resume, list of achievements, services offered and a specific job site. You should update the site regularly with new information always added.

Some additional tips for creating your website:

If creating your website seems difficult for you, you can use Wix a free platform to create your own website.

If possible, use WordPress to build your website. This will provide you with a lot of solutions to the hassles that may arise due to poorly structured website.

When designing a website you should consider the user, it should be easy and fun to navigate through.

When purchasing a domain for your website, try to make the domain name match your full name. If it’s not available, try adding your middle name or profession.

When designing the “about.me” page, treat your name as a keyword that you’d like to improve its ranking. You should place them in the URL, title, subtopics, meta tags, and description while avoiding keyword stuffing.

Fifth: Use social networking sites

Social Media is important because it can provide you with a huge amount of daily visits. If you can build a good image in the eyes of your followers on these platforms, you can get recognition as an expert in your field very quickly. In addition, if you are just starting to create accounts or pages on Social Media, it is a great way to connect with colleagues in the same field as well.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are currently the three main social media platforms for SEO and personal branding.

You should make sure that all of these social media platforms should be interconnected and should have a link to your personal website. This will help you because even if you are not active on that platform, there will be other ways to contact you.

Some additional tips about social media platforms:


There is a reason that LinkedIn is so necessary when it comes to building your personal branding because it mostly connects you with people who could be customers in the future and that’s why it often ranks first when someone searches for your name.

You can improve LinkedIn by putting keywords like, your name and profession in the title, summary, experience, and skills, as well as improving the content accordingly. In addition, LinkedIn must have access to all the data of the companies you have worked in order to illustrate some outstanding achievements and all data about your career. Also, try your public profile name to include your name and be visible to the public.


You can Twitter about your previously chosen domain and this will help you attract many related users. Engaging with your community is critical to gaining their trust. One of the advantages of Personal Branding is that it makes you more human, and if you share yourself with the community and interact with them regularly, you can easily earn their trust. You must fill out your entire profile and you should always include your business address even if you want to target an international audience. Finally, use the Tweet Install feature to highlight your most-visited Tweet.

Try using your first and last name in all your Social Media accounts and avoid using aliases.
Use a good, clear picture of your profile on all your social media platforms, and your resume should be unique. Try to create your own business logo and include it in your resume.

Sixth: Speaking at conferences and seminars

According to a study of a number of people about their fears, fear of public speaking ranked first while death was fourth. Imagine that people prefer death rather than public speaking.

So, it seems obvious why many of us don’t want to move forward at that point, but if you only use blogs to build your own personal branding, you’re making a mistake. People need to see you talking about yourself. They work to develop trust between you and the public.

Some tips on speaking at conferences and seminars:

Whenever you speak at any seminar, just record this video and share it on video sharing sites.
If you focus on a specific part of each point in these seminars, upload them to sites like Scribd or SlideShare, this will serve as a source of knowledge for others which will establish you more as an expert in your field.

The digital age has come with a lot of development, the most important of which are electronic seminars, which are online seminars, where people can join this gathering from their homes.

Imagine if users are traveling to work or walking home after work, these are free spaces that you can fill but not with videos because they can be dangerous to the user. So what you have to do is make it a podcast or audio commentary on any topic that is no more than an hour.

personal branding conferance

Seventh: Join local and specialized communities

There are many communities made up of members who specialize in specific areas. These communities can be found on different platforms like Quora. You need to find and join these niche communities to find important figures in your field and try to build strong relationships with them.

This way you can get a lot of useful information at no cost and lots of people who have some groundbreaking tips to enhance your knowledge and build your personal branding.

Some tips for joining niche sites and communities:

Create a page on the google my business platform. Fill out all the required information and then publish information about unique points of sale, events, discounts, etc.

Try joining the local chamber of commerce as an expert in your own field, imagine what this could do. From the point of view of SEO experts, one external link from the Chamber of Commerce could be a gold mine.

Use tools like “mention” to track if someone has mentioned something about your personal brand somewhere, and try to respond or answer as much as you can.

Know your position in the job market and your audience and always customize your content according to them while providing new content with facts and figures from reliable sources, which will boost user confidence in you.

Don’t be embarrassed when asking your customers to write reviews or provide testimonials because positive comments and ratings can bring a lot of business and improve your brand image. If there are any negative reviews, do not avoid them instead of treating them as quickly as possible and resolving them, thereby instilling confidence in your users.

Eighth: Create educational videos

Videos are currently the most viral way of delivering a message. From small clips like promotional videos to full speeches and seminars. Video content is taking a whole new level.

Google now loves videos in general from educational, artistic to technical videos. If you want to develop your personal brand, this might be the most powerful way to do so.

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