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Electronic Payment Gateway Integration Types

The electronic payment gateways integration offers an important competitive opportunity for companies and merchants who use it to facilitate payments and ensure the rights of merchants and customers.

The Concept of Electronic Payment Gateways

It Is a sophisticated program that allows the flow of electronic financial payments to facilitate e-commerce services through various websites, electronic stores, and applications, so as to ensure security and protection during the transfer of electronic funds from the client to the account of the merchant through the Internet.

The electronic payment gateway is designed to comply with all authorizations to ensure that both the merchant and the customer have the security and protection of the information circulating through them to complete the sale safely and guarantee the rights of both parties. The most important examples are Pay Pal, the most widely used payment gateway, For easy handling, as trusted by customers, as well as characterized by its presence in most of the world.

Importance of Integration with Electronic Payment Gateways

The integration with electronic payment portals allows customer data from the credit card to be paid for the automatic flow of the accounting system of the institution or company when each sale is effected, thus eliminating the need to manually enter data for payment transactions and reconcile data, Saves time and effort, saves commission costs, and reduces errors that may occur when recording data manually.

Consolidation with payment gateways, therefore, contributes to the distribution of data for each sale with the accounting software, and you can use it to connect with your different accounts on the App Store and the Google Play Store to make transactions online easily.

Types of integration with Electronic Payment Gateways

The types of consolidation vary according to the different types of transactions and products sold. If the products are linked to your APP Store account, they are integrated with the appropriate payment gateway. If the products are linked to your Google Play Store account, they are integrated with the payment gateway.

As for the types of transactions, it has a group of species that depend on commercial activity, the most important of which are the following:

1. Delegation

By determining the customer’s ability to pay, and whether the balance within his account or credit card is sufficient to complete the payment or not, and often need a guarantee of funding by the card issuer to complete the transfer of funds.

2. Capture data

It allows the customer to pick up pre-approved funds and then send them for settlement, which is done after the product is shipped to the customer’s place of receipt of the product and the money is automatically transferred to it.

3. Selling

In this transaction, you collect and transfer the money from the card once, and immediately contact the merchant.

4. Refund of funds

This transaction is executed by cancelling the customer’s request to purchase the product within a specified period allowed by the online store. Therefore, the trader needs to retrieve the transaction and send it for processing. The original amount of the transaction is refunded only.

5. Termination

Cancellation occurs if the transaction is not settled and is similar to the refund process, but it disappears from the client account within 24 hours of the cancellation of the transaction, and the refund takes three to five business days.

Types of electronic payment gateways that are integrated with the site

First: hosted electronic payment gateways

It is an electronic payment gateway outside the website that transfers the customer out of the site to complete the payment and then returns it to the site once the payment has been completed. This is done by combining the site and the electronic payment gateway in order to protect the transaction and provide security during the transfer of funds, Such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Stripe.

The PayPal payment gateway is popular with people and is safe to monitor all activities around the clock. It also provides advanced encryption for fraud protection. It works in many countries and is easily integrated with various websites.

Second: Unpaid payment portals

It is the internal electronic payment portals that are located within the website, the payment is completed within the page without having to get out of it.

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