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Payment Gateways in UAE That are Most Common in 2019

According to a study conducted in the UAE, more than 63% of Americans rely entirely on electronic payment. As electronic payment is one of the most important emerging technologies and widespread at the present time, due to the increased culture of electronic dealing in most transactions such as selling, learning, government transactions, and others. Due to the many means available for Payment Gateways in the UAE, you are the most prominent and most important electronic payment gateway in the UAE 2019

Most important Electronic Payment Gateways in UAE

Payment Gateways in UAE- Vapulus

Founded in 2016, Vapulus is a company specialized in electronic payment services and aims to achieve financial coverage in Egypt through the implementation of advanced banking technologies, which can be accessed by anyone, both “consumer” and “merchant”. Vapulus is one of the most important electronic payment gateways in the UAE and the Arab region.

Vapulus offers an application that allows you to make multiple electronic payment transactions, acts as an intermediary between merchant and customer, and provides many services. The security of user data is enhanced by vapulus obtaining the PCI certificate, the Data Security Standards for Shopping and Payments.

Vapulus Consumer Services

The Vapulus application is linked to debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and laptop portfolios. Users can enjoy the latest offers, discounts or coupons/gift cards from their preferred merchants exclusively via Vapulus.
Vapulus supports the policy of not sharing private financial data with others when shopping online or in stores, and also allows you to pay bills and purchases online.

Vapulus Merchant Services

The Vapulus application provides a list of customers, a space to display your products even if you do not own a store at all, and gives you behavioral analytics for your customers and financial reports at no additional cost.
You can integrate Vapulus directly with regular POS customers, and get a number of services, most notably sending your offers to your customers, comprehensive customer reports, loyalty card program (discount coupons, gift cards).


Payment Gateways in UAE- PayPal

Paypal is one of the most reliable and popular electronic payment gateways in the UAE. In the world, millions of customers around the world rely on its services for one simple reason: ease of use. You do not need more than one email address and password to pay your payments in a gesture faster than taking your wallet out of your pocket.

Features of Paypal Payment Gateway:

It is one of the safest and fastest ways to make payment and payment transactions.
Its commissions are relatively low, with repayment rates starting at 3.4% and fixed transaction fees of $ 0.30 per transaction.

PayPal Payment - Payment Gateway Providers

Payment Gateways in UAE- Moyasar

The Moyasar payment gateway provides easy-to-use payment and payment solutions that offer payment through various means such as credit cards, payment accounts, etc. Moyasar provides services to individuals, institutions and even government agencies. Moyasar also provides billing service through its APIs or through a usable dashboard accessible through an easy-to-use application.

The advantages of the payment portal Moyasar:

  • Ease of use.
  • Flexible properties.
  • Accurate and instantaneous tracking of your sales through detailed reports.
  • Superior ability to seamlessly interconnect with a large number of administrative, accounting and financial systems.
  • High security and privacy.

moyaser payment gateways in UAE


PayTabs is one of the most important electronic payment gateways in the UAE and the most widespread in the country and in the Middle East as well. PayTabs services are available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, and other Middle Eastern countries. This portal supports 160 currencies and offers several different methods of electronic payment in a flexible and smooth manner.

PayTabs features:

  • Is a fast and secure payment solution.
  • Can be used by consumers globally using other methods of credit cards.
  • Provide local options for payment options.
  • Alternative payment methods are selected at 59% of all online transactions.
  • One of the problems for some of the customers of this portal is that they hold the funds for at least 8 days and Customers can not submit an application to receive their money until after this period.

paytabs payment gateways in UAE

Payment Gateways in UAE- PayFort

PayFort is one of the most popular electronic payment gateways in the United Arab Emirates. Payfort recently launched in 2014 in the UAE and also operates in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Then purchased by the giant Amazon. PayFort works to attract start-ups and small companies through its low fees, sometimes up to zero (with a nominal monthly fee).

The benefits of PayFort are:

  • supports easy and fast integration.
  • The easy and fast payment process.
  • Accept electronic payments from all over the world.
  • A safe way of risk and fraud.
  • Support panel and reports are highly efficient.

payfort payment gateways in UAE


HyperPay is one of the fastest-growing e-payment gateway providers in the UAE, Middle East, and North Africa, offering a range of services to help you complete your sales and payments, whether online or offline. It also has partnerships with more than 100 payment service providers around the world.

The advantages of the HyperPay portal are as follows:

Compatible with all electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, and desktops).
Include seamless integration with all web development platforms like WordPress, Magento, and others.
It also offers a high degree of protection for user data. It uses many protection technologies such as coding and 3D data protection technology.

hyperpay payment gateway


2Checkout is one of the best e-payment portals in the UAE for e-shop owners designed with the Joomla platform. The Joomla portal provides easy installation and management. This portal also offers several WordPress add-ons that make it easy to integrate with Woocommerce.

Features of the electronic payment gateway 2Checkout:

  • This portal supports more than 200 countries.
  • Their prices start from 3.9% per transaction.
  • It also adds a fixed transaction fee of US $ 40.
  • It also supports 87 currencies and 15 languages around the world.
  • One disadvantage of adopting this portal is that the fixed fees charged on each transaction may reach more than 5.5%.

2checkout payment gateway

If you are an online business owner, you should choose the right portal for you and your customers very carefully based on your services provided by your customers and based on their habits and interests. If you are an online shopper or user, you should choose the appropriate portal for your convenience and convenience for the shops you are dealing with and available in your area. For the UAE, these electronic payment gateways in the UAE were the most popular and widespread at the local and regional levels.

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