Most Popular Payment Gateways in Indonesia

payment gateway in indonesia

The field of financial technology in Indonesia has recently blossomed, leading to the emergence of many emerging financial technology companies, which have achieved great success and achieved an increase in profits, resulting in a large growth in the economy of Indonesia, the most important of which is payment gateways in Indonesia and you can Identify them by reading.

Payment Gateways in Indonesia


It is an emerging company established in 2015 and is the first company to launch VVN for VVN-based processors developed locally to meet the requirements of Southeast Asia’s largest economy, closing the huge gap between the number of cards traded in the country and the number of admission points Which helps to empower young traders by offering a range of financial services.

Cashlez is a payment technology company that creates a mPOS system, a concept of receiving credit card and debit card-based applications on smartphones (Android and iOS) connected to a card reader via Bluetooth. This system can monitor all sales transactions of your business in real time. Now, all your business can accept non-cash payment by card easily.


Founded in 2016, Ayopop offers a smartphone application that provides a way to pay bills, allows users to create a profile and upload an account balance through credit card, bank transfer and other payment options, and provides additional credit for mobile and on-demand video The client, the headquarters of this company in Jakarta, Indonesia.

AYOPOP is Indonesia’s fastest growing mobile commerce platform for digital products such as Phone credit (Pulsa) and others.

Dimo Pay

Dimo was founded in 2016 as an application for e-payment through mobile phone, as well as a payment service by QR. It also has partnerships with 150 retail outlets and works with Sinarmas Bank.

As one of the leading financial technology companies in Indonesia, DIMO builds a solid payment ecosystem so that customers get the freedom to transact through cooperation with various partners.


Founded in 2016, Bayarind is an electronic payment portal that allows users to make different payments anywhere, anytime, so it is the best choice for small and large businesses for e-commerce, where they are tailored to accommodate B2C business needs, B2B business Bayarind also accepts purchase orders and retail purchases for services.


It is an online payment solution provider with many different payment methods, which allows users to conduct transactions online, provides the easiest electronic payment solutions as a partner, in addition to providing the company for payment solutions that meet the needs of the local culture of Indonesia, as well as Requirements are provided according to the habits and trends of purchase in Indonesia through the Internet.


Duithape is an electronic payment company that provides a system of payments and transfers through HP, which operates through operators, banks and operating systems. The company also aims to facilitate HP-based financial transactions for the majority of Indonesians who do not have a bank account, In areas not covered by conventional banking as remote areas.


Intrajasa provides a remittance system that has secured a license for remittances in Indonesia in 2013 and provides effective technical solutions to reduce the cost of remittances and provide service to the Indonesian community both inside and outside the country. It also provides a reliable network of banking networks in Indonesia, Corresponds to what the bank can offer customers.

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